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We are delivering FREE Carbon Literacy training to help individuals get to grips with sustainability and uncover what can be done. Successful completion of the course equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to reduce their personal carbon footprints and to create productions in a more sustainable way.

11/11/2016 London, Covent Garden

17/11/2016 London, Camden

21/11/2016 Manchester, Salford

25/11/2016 Glasgow, Scotland

30/11/2016 London, Holborn

16/12/2016 London, Oxford Circus

19/01/2017 Bristol

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The course is split into two halves, the morning provides an insight into climate change and how is affects those working in the media, the afternoon explores how productions can be made in a more sustainable way. Over the full day delegates will;

Understand climate change, explore the role of businesses and individuals, learn about actions that can be taken and be able to quantify their own carbon footprint.

Learn about the environmental impacts of production, understand what actions can be taken to create a more sustainable production, learn how the calculate the carbon footprint of a production, understand the importance of sharing achievements and will be able to list the key sustainable production resources available

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Successful completion of the course ensures all delegates reach the Carbon Literacy standard.