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A national training scheme, Carbon Literacy provides the TV + film industries with the skills and tools to mount a non-political, optimistic, science-based response to climate change. Delegates will be presented with

  • a detailed introduction climate change and its personal and professional implications
  • an opportunity to explore the environmental impact of professional and personal activity
  • a summary of the roles of government, businesses and communities
  • examples of good practice, tools and practical solutions to support positive action
  • the skills to appraise performance and the inspiration to take further action

Training for leaders, producers, technologists, on request, get in touch.

Training for those in production, date available;

15/02/2018 Southbank, London

19/02/2018 Cardiff

23/02/2018 Oxford Circus, London

28/02/2018 Holborn, London

16/03/2018 Camden, London

22/03/2018 Hammersmith, London

05/04/2018 Shepherds Bush, London

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Successful completion of the course ensures all delegates reach the Carbon Literacy standard.