Suggested journey for a production

New to sustainable production? You’re in the right place.

Hopefully you’re here on a fact finding mission before pre-production of your project has even begun. This is the best (and only) time that you can plan to make a difference before things are under way.

Here is the ideal running order to help you create a sustainable production.

  • Producers, production heads, execs & line producers should all support plans
  • Sign up to albert and predict the carbon footprint of your production
  • See which production activities are costing you carbon and head to the tips page to see what you might be able to do about it
  • Look at the relevant case studies and suppliers who will be able to help you

Production begins

  • Keep track of the data you need to fill in a final footprint, submitting it at the end of the shoot

Some additional activity you may also wish to consider before pre-production

  • Get in touch to find out what training might be available
  • Consider getting your sustainable production certified through the albert+ process. Get in touch to find out more.