Case Studies

We’re building up a collection of case studies to demonstrate how easy it is to implement sustainable practices into your production. Do you have an example for us? Get in touch!

Tags: lighting

Off the Grid

Using natural light and low-energy lamps helped keep Off The Grid’s footprint nice and small

Downton Abbey

Find out how low energy lighting can be used on period dramas.

BBC Breakfast

Find out how you can save carbon and energy use in a news studio.


Find out how you can switch to rechargeable batteries, save money and avoid sending nasty chemicals to landfill.

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures

Find out how this Bristol based team worked their way to a 3 star albert+ certification.

Think of the Children!

Find out how you can save carbon and energy use in the studio.

Tribes, Predators & Me

Find out how you can leave a lasting legacy by promoting sustainable alternatives.

The Age of Stupid

Find out how you can put on a sustainable premiere

Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

Find out how this production predicted their carbon footprint and identified £1,000s of savings in the process

Sustainable production at Sky: Trollied

Find out how you can save money and carbon when taking a holistic approach to sustainable production.