Case Studies

We’re building up a collection of case studies to demonstrate how easy it is to implement sustainable practices into your production. Do you have an example for us? Get in touch!

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Water On Location

Find out how you can save money, reduce waste and provide drinking water to crew without relying on dreadful disposables

Planet Primate

Find out how using solar on location can help you work more remotely whilst also saving money and carbon


Find out how you can cut the carbon from your location generators by powering them with a waste product.


Find out how you can save money and carbon by working with solar on location


Find out how to power your production whilst cutting carbon emissions in remote locations


Find out how spec’ing your vehicles and generators correctly can amount to serous savings.


Find out how to cut emissions in the studio and on location

Deadly Mission Madagascar

Find out how you can use solar to make working in remote locations easier.

Operation Grand Canyon

Find out how you can use solar panels to provide low carbon power in remote aquatic locations

Off the Grid

Using natural light and low-energy lamps helped keep Off The Grid’s footprint nice and small

India’s Natural Wonders

Information on charging gadgets when in remote locations from the BBC Natural History Unit.

Tokyo Filming

Find out how to cut carbon and reduce spend with local crew.

The Interceptor

Find out how electric cars can help you cut carbon

Wild West

Using local crew to cut travel emissions

Andy’s Baby Animals

Working to reduce the carbon footprint of all elements of the production


Find out how to cut the waste from construction.

Doctor Who

The ‘greenest’ ever series from the long-running BBC drama.

Footprint TV

Find out how you can source reliable crew on location. This can provide financial and environmental savings by reduced air fares, accommodation and kit transportation.

Great Bear Stake Out

Find out how using solar on location can help you work more remotely whilst also saving money and carbon

Planet Earth II

Find out how solar can help power your production when working in the remotest locations.

The One Show

Cardiff One Show Team Record Greener Voice Overs

The Boat That Rocked

Find out how you can save carbon and cost when sorting out crew accomodation

Hazardous Waste Management

Find out how you take take the most sustainable approach to hazardous waste

Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands

Find our how the Japan team saved cost and carbon by cutting flights and working with local expertise

One Show - Solar Insert

Find out how to use solar across the whole of your production.

Snow Wolf Family and Me.

Using solar in remote locations.

Stargazing LIVE with BBC Learning

Find out how to swap to WVO & make massive carbon savings

Olaus Roe - a global production

Find out how you can save money and carbon by hiring crew on location

Tribes, Predators & Me

Find out how you can leave a lasting legacy by promoting sustainable alternatives.

Safari Park Adventure 3D

Find out how low carbon location power generation can save you money and foster a better filming environment

Wonders of the Monsoon

Find out how clever thinking and green gadgets to reduce the environmental impact of a remote wildlife shoot.

Terminally Happy

Catering, location working, crew transportation, accommodation and catering; from pre-production to wrap, the Terminally Happy team sought to embed sustainability at every turn…

Grimes on the Beach

Find out how this production sought to embed sustainability into every area of production, achieve financial savings and achieved a 50% saving of the carbon footprint.

24: Live Another Day

Find our how 24 addressed sustainability in every department when filming in London.