Case Studies

We’re building up a collection of case studies to demonstrate how easy it is to implement sustainable practices into your production. Do you have an example for us? Get in touch!

Tags: transport

Daily Politics

Find out how you can save carbon and transport costs using software to enable regular news contributors to broadcast remotely.

Tokyo Filming

Find out how to cut carbon and reduce spend with local crew.

The Interceptor

Find out how electric cars can help you cut carbon

Andy’s Baby Animals

Working to reduce the carbon footprint of all elements of the production

Blue Door

Find out how to cut the waste during construction and disposal.

Footprint TV

Find out how you can source reliable crew on location. This can provide financial and environmental savings by reduced air fares, accommodation and kit transportation.

Law and Order

Find our how embracing energy efficient vehicles could save you £8k and 31 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the course of a production

My Week of Hell

Find out how you can provide sustainable transport for crews on the move whilst reducing your waistline… yes really!

ITV Daytime’s Low Carbon News Gathering

Find out about how these new vehicles are reducing transport emissions

A Discovery of Witches

Find out how this production is using its platform to share green achievements.

Olaus Roe - a global production

Find out how you can save money and carbon by hiring crew on location

The Age of Stupid

Find out how you can put on a sustainable premiere

Grimes on the Beach

Find out how this production sought to embed sustainability into every area of production, achieve financial savings and achieved a 50% saving of the carbon footprint.

24: Live Another Day

Find our how 24 addressed sustainability in every department when filming in London.

Sustainable production at Sky: Trollied

Find out how you can save money and carbon when taking a holistic approach to sustainable production.