albert+ is a matrix against which productions can score and assess their efforts to embed sustainability into the production process. It involves taking a forward-thinking approach to identifying and acting upon environmental impact and is something that involves input from crew across the entire production.

Line Producer on Jonathan Creek, Mark Kinsella, was responsible for the changes below, and was able to measure his efforts against the albert+ criteria.

Water - Branded, reusable sports bottles were provided by the BBC to all crew, reducing the need for any disposable bottles or cups on location. Two water coolers were installed, one with the caterers and one on location near set. The 2nd AD talked through the scheme with the artists before filming started so that they were aware of the initiative and why they were doing it.

There were no problems throughout the shoot. Crew members were happy to re-fill their bottles from the coolers when they needed to and everybody played their part in adopting the system.

It may seem like a very small change, however, this one change will have saved the use of approximately 2,760 plastic bottles over the 4 week shoot.

Recycling - Throughout the production offices, the trailers and on set, recycling facilities were provided. Now commonplace on many productions, waste contractors helped to recycle 80% of the rubbish generated. Paper recycling facilities was provided internally by the BBC and mixed recycling was collected on the road from UK locations by a number of providers. Recycling contractors varied according to where they were filming so the production team had to research and plan for collection in advance.

Rushes - Jonathan Creek was also a DVD-free zone. Each night the rushes were uploaded wirelessly to the director’s iPad on wrap. This meant there was no need for DVDs and all the footage was instantly available to the director and other members of the team. Eliminating solid state storage also meant the production saved on travel as there was no need to transport any rushes around town or for members of the team to travel to a central location to view them.

Catering - The decision was taken to use no polystyrene on set and instead, caterers provided reusable plates and cutlery when possible. When a take away solution was required the caterers used recyclable boxes and wooden cutlery.