Electric Pedals run engaging pedal powered generators which power sound equipment, mixers, electric instruments or outdoor cinema equipment - perfectly suited to a premier or launch event.
Peterborough council hired Electric Pedal’s ‘Big Cycle Cinema’ for open-air pedal-powered screenings in the city centre. Powering family favourites ‘Up’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Jurassic Park’, viewers were encouraged to try pedalling during the film although only a handful of over 5000 punters were required to keep the show up and running.

The Big Cycle Cinema uses electricity generated entirely from the audience who peddle ordinary cycles attached to specially adapted generators. There were absolutely no batteries used so if the audience stopped pedalling, then the film stopped. Luckily there was no shortage of volunteers.

Richard Jones from Peterborough Council’s Travelchoice said: “We thought the pedal powered cinema was a fantastic attribute to Travelchoice Week, it provided us with a captive audience to whom we could deliver our message, promote cycling to families and local communities, and most importantly, re-engage a lot of people with cycling in a fun way”

Technical Info

For the Big Cycle Cinema, 25 bikes provided 1320 watts of continuous power for;

3500 Lumen Projector
1200W PA
8-Way Mixer
DVD Player


Green Production Tips

Pedal power gennies…