It’s not just sets and props that can be recycled on set; you can collect used cooking oil from the caterers too. Anna Ringuet, a sustainable production advisor, helped her production reduce their waste by working with Uptown Oil. Uptown collected the waste (via their bio diesel truck) and took it back to their base near Southwark to refine and recycle it. Over the course of this particular shoot aproximately 200 litres of used cooking oil was converted into biodiesel.

“This was a fantastic service because we have a legal obligation to dispose of waste oils responsibly. By recycling it into biodiesel, we get the waste transfer note we need and the oil is given a second life. And all for free. Throughout the duration of filming, we were also running some of our locations team’s pick-up trucks on biodiesel which just so happened to be purchased from Uptown Oil. It’s nice to think that perhaps the same oil which fried up our lunch last week may be that very same oil powering our trucks on location.”

Technical Info

Collection of used cooking oil is usually done free of charge.
Contractors can provide you with waste transfer notes, this is a legal obligation.