The team behind Children’s Presentation at the BBC opted to run a Green Week to engage staff with the production’s environmental impact and gain invaluable input from colleagues on possible actions for improvement.

Separate teams and units got together and planned to make the following changes:

  • The props and costume teams opted to take stock of current props and costumes to make better use of existing resources in the future
  • The design teams used only existing props and costumes throughout the Green Week to challenge themselves on the potential to re-use existing materials
  • Spurred on by a display of existing materials by the Art Department, the Weekend and A.M. team used one prop to inspire 3 sequences which were relevant to the brand they were promoting
  • The P.M. team opted to alter scripts to make them more ‘wordy’ and less prop heavy to avoid the use of new materials

The activity gave writing teams the opportunity to see how and where things are made and get a better understanding of the time and effort required to make their ideas into reality.
‘We feel that this week should become a regular thing. Why don’t we do one green week per month. This will constantly remind us about what props we have at our disposal. There’s no reason not to. It encourages creativity. Dave Coulson, CBBC Producer (weekend and A.M. team)