The Downton team slashed their carbon footprint compared to previous series. This was done with transport planning, generator management, production vehicle choices and crucially (and innovatively for a period drama) a substantial amount of low energy lighting.

Technical Info

LED Lighting

400 W Panalux HiLo’s replaced the 6 kW Spacelite
400 W Panalux HiLo’s replaced the 12 kW T12 lamps
Panalux TekTiles 100 W replaced the 1 kW, 650 W & 300 W Rifa lights

Their Electrical Dept also made up some home-made Banjo and Ukulele LED lights to use in place of Rifa Lights (1kw, 650 W & 300 W) and some 400 W & 575 W Octodomes on set.

Other low energy lightings which we used were…
A brand new Film Gear LED 4ft Kino Flo Prototype
KinoFlo Celeb 400 (216W)
KinoFlo Celeb 200 (108W)
1x1 Bi-Colour Panels (36W)
The Panalux NESS Lite Kit (15W)