In order to examine the potential of alternative energy supplies on televisions shoots, the BBC’s Sustainability Manager Hattie Park invited Firefly, a company specialising in solar powered lighting, to work with the BBC production team in the Dragons’ Den studio.

Their task was to provide key lighting to the set for a whole day’s shoot and prove that this was a viable option for future BBC productions.

And what a success! To optimise the amount of power generated, the panels were adjusted to face the sun throughout the day. This was more necessary during this shoot than others due to poor weather, although thankfully the lightweight design of the panels meant they were easy to move around.

Technical Info

The Firefly team used 8 panels to generate 540 Watts of power and to provide a 4.3kWp solar energy supply.
The panels need to be hooked up to a generator (which varies depending on your needs) and those used can be integrated into all firefly models.


Green Production Tips

Solar gennies…