The UK entertainment industry has historically been a large producer of waste, especially when it comes to disposing of sets and props. Over the last 4 years Scenery Salvage initiated one of the first dedicated services for the reuse and recycling of scenery and props for the entertainment industry.

Scenery Salvage run a fleet of purpose built vehicles (50% powered by waste vegetable oil) to collect set waste across the UK. Collections are taken to their recycling centre where they are weighed, sorted and recycled.

Caroline Steiner, Production Designer comments on her experience. “Scenery Salvage is the treasure trove of our industry and here’s why…there’s a certain charm and element of surprise whenever you visit them, I’ve never walked away empty handed and more often than not I’ve found something perfect that I was never expecting. This aside, the life of a set/prop really doesn’t have to end at the call of ‘wrap’, it’s tragic that recycling isn’t a given in our industry…yet currently on a farm just off the A40 Scenery Salvage make it their business to recycle and reinvent the unwanted/used sets/props from our industry making them pretty unique in this throwaway society. Under its umbrella you know that their environmental policy is their priority, offering a service with a real conscience, truly addressing issues of carbon footprint and pioneering future industry needs. Offering a whole range of services under one roof, from recycling the set of a huge film production, supplying recycled materials to build with, to straight forward, easily accessible prop hire, etc. Scenery Salvage is very competitive, very passionate and most of all a pleasure to do business with so please visit them, Debra, Martin and the team are always there to help!”

Technical Info

Subject to client approval, loads are sorted into re-usable items, which are then catalogued and made available back to the industry at vastly reduced rates, and the remainder de-constructed into component materials which are then processed on site for further recycling. Timber is chipped and is sent to be reused in panel board manufacturing. Metal is segregated into different types and sent off for smelting for reuse in the metals industry. Plastics (acrylics and polycarbonates) are granulated and then sent for reuse in the plastics industry. Scenery Salvage can now also recycle polystyrene into compacted form logs which are then used as a fuel source for power production. Glass, textiles and floor coverings are also all recycled. Overall, Scenery Salvage recycle over 95% of all waste.


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