Gizzlebiz, a CBBC production filming both in the studio and on location in Yorkshire and Buckinghamshire, made an £8,000 fuel saving after embracing sustainable production certification scheme - albert+.

With considerable motorway driving essential, the team reduced the impact by hiring efficient diesel hybrid vehicles and sharing vehicles between cast, crew and production staff wherever possible; a saving which over the course of the production amounted to £4,500.

Tasked with improving the production’s carbon footprint, Gigglebiz gaffer Mark Thornton decided to ditch 2013’s set-up (an equipment truck and 40kw land rover generator) for a low carbon solution. Careful studying of the production schedule revealed that energy demand was significantly lower on some days, which meant that it was possible to run one vehicle rather than two. Housed on the new 16ft vehicle chassis set-up was both a 40kW genny and a portable 5kW genny for use on lower power days.
Use of the smaller vehicle also meant it was possible to park at the unit base overnight rather than heading back to the lighting company nightly, as was the case last series. By reducing travel and selecting a multi-genny solution which matched the power needs more closely, the production saved £1,500 in fuel costs compared to the previous year.