Firefly Solar were commissioned by Grammy Award winning artist Imogen Heap to provide a hybrid power generator to facilitate the shoot and live internet broadcast of her single ‘Me, the Machine’.

Over the course of the five day shoot in April 2012 uninterrupted power was provided by hybrid generators comprising of: a solar PV array, an energy storage system and a combustion engine running on 100% WVO biodiesel.

Throughout the duration of the shoot the hybrid generator was used to power all AV outboard and monitors, key generic lighting, catering equipment and outside broadcast equipment.

The use of Firefly’s hybrid power generator negated the need for a 60kva diesel generator saving 660 litres of fuel being burned; creating a carbon saving of 1.5 tonnes.

By using the hybrid power generator the production team were able to dramatically cut on-site emissions and provided a silent working area for artists and crew which was a key factor on this project.

Technical Info

The hybrid generated provided 60kva of uninterrupted power.

90% of the power required for the shoot was provided through solar PV arrays and the battery inverter storage system. The additional 10% was supplied by the biodiesel combustion engine which kicked in when peak demand was high or the energy storage system was low.