On the set of Law and Order, Line Producer for Kudos, Liz Binns decided to trial the use of Hybrid Prius vehicles for transporting cast to set. Instead of drivers using their own vehicles, Prius’ were hired for them. The initiative was trialled for 4 weeks and found to be so successful that it was continued for the entire run of 16 weeks.

Over the 16 week shoot, savings in fuel alone were enough to cover the cost of all of the vehicles on hire, plus an additional £7,000 - 8,000 and 31 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The most crucial element in making this type of change work is to implement it at the start of the production. It formed part of the show’s policy and cast were aware from the outset that these vehicles would be used on this production. With change being lead from the top, it was much easier to get others to follow suit.

Kudos were delighted with the results of their hybrid initiative on Law and Order and plan to use hybrid vehicles on future productions.

Currently rental companies do not have large fleets of hybrid vehicles available so it’s important to reserve the vehicles you need well in advance.

Technical Info

Assumptions as follows…

Daily round trip = 62.2 miles
x 5 days = 311 miles per week
x 16 weeks = 4,976 miles per vehicle for shoot duration
x 4 vehicles = 19,904 miles travelled in total, all unit cars for shoot duration (approx)