There are numerous ways to reduce paper use on set; BBC Production Luther employed a number of measures to achieve an almost paperless production.

The following testimonial is from Luther producer Claire Bennett

On paper - “I found very little resistance from the crew to our double sided scripts and schedules. They take a little getting used to but on balance people appreciate having less paper. Next time around I’ll definitely have an ‘opt in’ policy, so that paper scripts, schedules and call sheets have to be requested rather than automatically issued. There seems to be less and less need as technology develops.”

Use iAnnotate - “I loved this app because it meant I had every call sheet, the budget, the script for all four episodes, a unit list, a cast list and a production schedule all up and running at any given time. Being so much on the move, it meant no document was ever in the wrong place – it was always with me on my iPad.” (69p on Apple and Google)

On the iPad - “I had every day’s rushes, the most recent cut of each episode, past series to refer to plus every call sheet, the budget, every draft of every episode, a unit list, a cast list and a production schedule. It was the equivalent of having about 80 DVDs and a five inch pile of paper with me at all times.”