Completing a carbon footprint is a commissioning requirement for any Sky production, a rigid keystone of the broadcaster’s environmental policy. Icon Films are working to embed environmental planning more deeply into their production processes. Recognising that environmental performance was going to be especially important to the successful delivery of a recent Sky production, the Icon team used the albert calculator to predict the carbon footprint before pre-production had even started.

The results showed that energy was going to be a key consideration; in the production office, post-production and in the accommodation booked for the crew. Armed with this information, the production’s environmental impact was placed on the agenda as a strategic consideration at the senior management kick off meeting, with subsequent production team checks to ensure continual monitoring.

Icon Production Manager, Phoebe Sinclair commented, ‘attending Carbon Literacy training really helped me get to grips with what was required to create an environmentally sustainable production, it also helped me understand key changes I could make in my own life too. Switching to a green energy tariff was the biggest thing for me, information I’ve shared with my family and friends too.’

The principal changes the production made was placing environmental performance highly when choosing accommodation and opting for lower carbon emitting modes of transport like rail. The production team and crew found that using apartments and the train, rather the than planes and hotels, afforded much more planning time and made for a happier crew as well.

Incorporating the production’s carbon footprint into the decision making processes provided the team with the justification as to why they were doing things in a certain way, and also the means to measure their progress. Keeping tabs on the production’s carbon footprint delivered a final carbon footprint that was 40% below the genre average.