During the Strictly ITT shoot, the team gave many of their used tapes to Orange Coconut to be refurbished. Orange Coconut collect pre-used tapes, wipe them and check them with a laser, and then re-label them ready to be used again. The production was then able to buy back reconditioned tapes pretty much as good as new and at a lower price.

“It saved us a lot of money on It Takes Two and I’d do the same on every production in the future. No need to buy new tapes when there’s so much old stock sitting about that can be reused.” - Kate Ryan, Production Manager.

This is a perfect example of a small change in practice which was easy to implement and will save a significant amount of waste and money if everyone were to do it. Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two was recorded on film, on HD Cam SR 40 min or 124 min tapes.

Technical Info

  Cost of new stock Cost to refurbish your stock Potential saving Cost to buy refurbished stock Potential Saving
Box of 10: HD Cam SR 40 mins £315 £26 £289 £200 £115
Box of 10: HD Cam SR 124 mins £412 £68 £344 £280 £68