When it comes to wrapping up a production, usual practice is to hire in a raft of skips and try to cram everything into them in the shortest time frame possible. This is often quite an expensive way of getting rid of potentially valuable materials. With a little forward planning you can save yourself the cost by donating props, set pieces and materials. There are a few wonderful organisations which will help with this. Dresd are experienced at working on set or on location and have re-purposed 223 tonnes of waste to date.

Dresd will find a home for salvaged materials be it back in the studio, supporting low budget productions or creating interesting installations and events.

Dresd opened their first retail outlet for film set waste in Somerset, and plan to donate 10% of all profits to various chosen charities. An additional outlet is planned in Essex.


Shannon Bart, Sustainable Production Manager, Universal Pictures,

“We are very pleased with our experience working with Dresd on multiple film productions.
Their flexibility in operations and creativity in reuse has shortened our wrap times and helped our company progress in our environmental initiative. Dresd has not only proven to be _a great resource to our film productions but to the studio as well.”

Colin Firth, CBE,

“I’ve long lamented the fate of all the beautifully crafted film sets I see: no sooner is a scene finished then they head for the landfill - or at best eternal storage. Dresd have taken on the task of saving them where possible and re-useing them for events - to spectacular effect. I’ve worked them them many times now - the team are a joy to work with and the results dazzling.”

Dresd – Somerset restaurant fit-out

Dresd recently undertook a project to build a restaurant in Somerset purely from film waste. The restaurant was built for the founder of the fashion company Mulberry who wanted a pop up restaurant to raise money for the teenage cancer trust over the Christmas period and beyond. “It’s the first of its kind and there are hopefully more to come, we are working on the second restaurant in Somerset based on its success.” Lynn McFarlane, Dresd.

This entrepreneurial idea will change the face of re-purposing in the industry and only requires a bit of forward planning on the part of the production.

Technical Info

Drésd will re-purpose materials including wood, metal, windows, doors, furnishings, fabrics etc.

Materials are re-purposed through charitable donations and selling to trade.

Cost of removal depends on nature of waste but is invariably cheaper than standard waste removal.