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A comprehensive international database of suppliers of fabric, leather, dyeing, printing, fashion, wardrobe sundries, dry cleaning, manufacturers & disposal.

Fabric Suppliers

Animaná Patagonia

Animaná was created to promote the revival of culture of Patagonia and the Andes through fair trade, local development and the incorporation of added value to the natural fibres of the region


AO Textiles creates bespoke, sustainable textiles for interiors and couture, providing both new and modern designs or uses historical patterns from the Gainsborough archive


Ardalanish Organic Farm weaves tweeds using 100% pure new Hebridean, Manx and Shetland wool.


Aura Herbal is a manufacturer of herb dyed organic and fairtrade fabrics, clothing and home-wares. They offer stock fabrics, customised production, bespoke dyeing, block printing and screen printing


The majority of Auzinger Textiles are produced in Europe and they hold a range of linens which are GOTS certified.


Avani is a voluntary association collaborating with a cooperative of artisans from the Kumaon region in India. They produce beautiful hand-made wool and silk textiles and garments.


Ayni Bolivia is a fair trade organization, that works with 25 small workshops producing small collections from super fine alpaca fibre – specifically textiles, garments and home decor products.


BIONIC’s creates technologically advanced fabrics, using yarn made from recovered plastic pollution found in marine and coastal areas.


BUTE produces technoligically advanced woolen textiles on the Isle of Bute in
Scotland. They create durable organic fabrics mainly for interiors, but which might also be used for fashion, ranging from wool crepes, to herringbones, to wool mixes, to tartans in a variety of colour combinations.


Bysshe Partnership is an independent company producing high quality organic fabrics in Lancashire and Yorkshire. They use natural and organic fibres, sourcing yarns from the UK and Europe.


Creation Nepal is a co-operative formed of a group of companies that manufactures and exports fair trade textiles and ethnic handicrafts. They produce handwoven fabrics such as nettle and hemp from locally grown fibres and also wool felt.

Centro Seta

Centro Seta have developed BacxTM, the first and only collection of refined and contemporary new generation silk fabrics. They hold multiple qualities which are 100% Made in Italy with 100% traceability.


Cocccon provide a wide range of nonviolent organic silks. .

Dashing Tweeds

Dashing Tweeds create modern, urban fabrics, woven in Britain. They create tradtional tweeds and also combine technical yarns with Merino and British wools. They use yarns includung lurex, rubber, silk, linens, and japanese cotton to create unique tweeds in a variety of colour ways.


Deltracon is a Flemish company specialising in linen upholstry fabrics, tiebacks and trim.


Drapers Organic are a UK based company that produce organic and sustainable hemp, cotton and hemp mix fabrics that are available by the metre. They also produce a variety of home-ware items.


DYPT produces contemporary textiles and home-wares, working with local artisans in the city of Bhuj in Gujurat. His focus is on natural dyes and the traditional techniques of weaving, hand block printing, bandhej / shibori & felt.


Durán Textiles is an independent Scandinavian company which reproduces eighteenth century textiles. The collection contains pattered silks and hand printed cottons, some with hand painted details.


Ecological Textiles offer a wide range of fabrics, fibres, yarns and dyes for fashion and interiors.
The fabrics are made using fibres such as wool, hemp and bamboo.


Ecossar is an importer of cloth and accessories made from a mix of pineapple and cotton fibre.
They represent Piña, a local Philippine enterprise.

Enschede Textielstad

Enschede Textielstad is an industrial weaving mill producing fashion and interior fabrics with recycled and locally sourced yarn. They currently produce selvedge fabrics on a shuttle loom including denim, chambray and shirtings.


Enviro Textiles is a leading wholesale importer and manufacturer of over 100 hemp fabrics. They are a pioneer in sustainable textiles specializing in hemp but also working with organic natural fibres


Fairkonnect is a social enterprise based in Bangalore, India, which bridges socially aware buyers to artisans & weavers to ensure ethical trade through fair trade practices.


Fabrications is an independent gallery, shop and studio dedicated to contemporary textile practise and design, with a particular interest in up-cycling and eco design.


GC Handmade is a small company based in Nepal specialising in handmade luxury accessories made with natural fibres such as white cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Yak wool from Tibet and unbleached linen from Belgium.


Greenfibres sources high quality, organic, natural textiles aiming to minimise the use of synthetic ones. They also produce homewares and sell organic products and clothing


Customer oriented and respond to specific customer requirements, design and colours.


Hemp Fabric UK specialise in hemp and hemp blends


Herbal Fab is based in Ahmedabad, India. All fabrics are either naturally dyed/printed (woven only) or coloured using certified low impact dyes (knit and woven available). They sell organic cotton, ahimsa silk, khadi, wood based fibres and special blends.


Herts Fabrics is an independent UK company which supplies fabrics to re-enactors of all periods. All their wool fabric is sourced in the UK and the linens are woven in Ireland.

Holland and Sherry

+44 (0) 2074370404

Holland and Sherry are renowned for producing some of the finest suiting cloth in the world. As well as stocking a variety of traditional worsted wools, woven in the UK, they are constantly investigating new textiles.


Home Soul aims to promote handmade products and contribute to preserving traditional arts and crafts techniques by providing work to artisans and craftsman who are striving hard to protect their dyeing arts.
Home Soul have a stall at Spitalfields market and an online shop


House of Wandering Silk is a social enterprise based out of New Delhi. They create beautiful, unique and sustainable products using vintage, up-cycled and hand-loom textiles.


Hopkins Fabrics sells a certain number of organic and fair-trade fabrics, and also silks which are produced in the UK in an environmentally responsible mill


Ian Mankin’s fabrics are made from 100% natural fibres that are woven in the UK. They also stock organic cotton


The Isle of Harris Tweed company deals with small scale orders, and some stock fabrics are available by the metre online.

Incalpaca TPX

Incalpaca TPX work with Alpaca and Vicuna producing fabrics and garments. Their philosophy is to create employment for people in their local area by using technology, but still retaining the essence and tradition of their heritage craft. They sponsor multiple local projects that develop sustainable practices for local people.


Indigo Handloom produce unique handwoven fabrics. They work in several different areas in South Asia and work with mostly natural fibres such as silk, cotton, wool and linen.


Khamir is a platform for the crafts, heritage and cultural ecology of the Kachchh (Kutch) region of Gujarat. Small orders can be made via Simon Marks of ‘Dypt’


The Knockando Wool mill has been manufacturing woollen textiles continuously since 1784. It seeks to minimise its impact on the environment throughout its sourcing and manufacturing processes whilst staying true to its heritage and traditions.


Klasikine manufacture quality linen in Lithuania. They are members of the European Flax and Hemp Confederation, and have the Masters of Linen quality label. The flax they use is European and uses no pesticides. They also use minimum water and energy and have a water treatment programme.


Lebenskleidung are specialized in environmentally sound and fairly produced organic cotton and silk fabrics.


Les Trouvailles d’Amandine offers collections of design-led and GOTS certified solids, jacquards and prints, bias and pipings. The whole production line is in France, and they hold stock fabrics


Libeco is a CO2 neutral producer of quality Belgian linens. They produce a number of GOTS organic and OEKO TEX certified fabrics


Liberation Kilt Company is a US company whose woollen and cashmere fabrics are produced in Scotland by Bute Fabrics Ltd using natural fibres. At the end of the fabrics life the material is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

London Cloth Company

The London Cloth Company is the first micro-mill to open in London. They specialise in quality woven cloth, particularly woollens, produced on their ever-expanding carefully restored shuttle looms dating from the 1870s. They employ the same techniques that have not changed for decades.


Malabar has a world-wide reputation for its collections of unique furnishing fabrics – handloom fabrics in vibrant colours and textures, embroideries, appliqués, sheers, silks, chenilles and velvets, complemented by a palette of 105 paint colours.

Marling and Evans

Based in Huddersfield, Marling and Evans produce traditional cloth that is favourited by luxury designers all over the world.


Majestic Silks produce 100% organic ahminsa silk, boiled off and kept in its natural state, ready for dyeing or printing. They are based in Hertfordshire, UK, where they grow Mulberry trees.


Merchant and Mills is an independent haberdasher and fabric shop in East Sussex. They sell fair-trade and organic cottons including velvet and corduroy which are all available in small quantities.


Modespitze is a GOTS certified lace manufacturer that creates embroidery, embroidered based in Germany. They produce fabrics and embroidered lace for womenswear, fashion accessories, bridal and lingerie.


Moral fibre is pioneering in organic and ethical textiles production. They offer cotton, silk, wool, blends and organic cotton in a wide range of textures and weights. They are considered “almost carbon neutral” and employ co-operatives which are mainly women run.

MYB Textiles Ltd

MYB Textiles is now the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms, some of which are over 90 years old. They thrive as the last remaining mill in the area due to their passion for continuing the lace and madras production tradition with the aid of new forms of product development and innovation.


MYak purchase 100% traceable wools directly from nomadic communities in Tibet. The Yak wool is entirely woven by expert craftsmen in Italy producing a fabric as fine as cashmere.


Norlha trains and employs Tibetan nomads on the high plateau to process fibre from their yaks. Norlha combines traditional techniques with more modern technology to create luxurious textiles in an endless variety of patterns and weights, suitable for all seasons.


O Ecotextiles wants to change the way textiles are made by proving that it’s possible to produce luxurious,sensuous fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable


Offset Warehouse is UK based online shop which aims to take the hassle out of buying ethical textiles and trims. They stock an ever-increasing range of the best available ethical fabrics, trims, haberdashery and paints, and all are of the highest quality.


Organic Cotton Colours produce organic cotton directly through farmers in Brazil. They produce exceptionally pure fabrics in the natural colours of the Earth: ecru, brown and green.


The Organic Textile Company are a small, family run business based in Wales. They hold over two hundred types of organic cotton, bamboo and linen based ethical fashion fabrics and fair trade fabrics. They also hold organic cotton lappet and embroidered fabric.


Panchachuli works with a social enterprise in Northern India, the Panchachuli Weavers Co-operative, where the women own and manage their own production.


Pastels produce fabrics that are GOTS certified, using either natural or 100% recycled man-made yarns. They develop and produce their fabrics in France in order to achieve the lowest carbon impact.


Pickering International has been a pioneer of eco and sustainable fabric suppliers since 1992. They offer organic cotton and linen, hemp, wool, soy bean, bamboo and recycled fibres.

Q Milk

QMILK fibers are made of 100% renewable raw materials and non-food milk. This fabric will also biodegrade if composted.

Raymond Uco Denim

Raymond Uco Denimare a vertically integrated denim fabric manufacturer that produces denim using Cotton, Cotton Elastane, Post Consumer Waste Cotton, Recycled Polyster, Hemp, Linen, Elasterell-P, Nylon, Viscose, Modal, Lyocell, Wool, Polyster.
Their factory has a state of the art waste water treatment facility that is designed to contain and treat all internal process/utility waste water and storm/firewater, with the objective of zero liquid discharge from the


Ray Stitch is a London ‘fabric boutique’. They source from a variety of ethical brands including Moral Fibre, Organic Textile Company and Birch Organics


Safilin is a linen producer. They weave their fabric in factories in Poland close to where it is grown in order to reduce their carbon footprint.


Sawang Boran are an online retailer of ethical silk specialising in indigenous silkworm varieties, organic traditional processes, and natural dyes


Seidentraum are a leading organic silk manufacturer, stocking hundreds of varieties of Bio Silk. They stock organic-silk GOTS certificated, Tussah wild silk, Ahimsa non-violent silk, as well as interesting mixes and blends in a variety of shades.


Seven Senses ethically manufactures unique denim. They use only 100% GOTS certified cotton.


Skye Weavers are a small weaving and sewing business based on the Hebridean Isle of Skye. On a bicycle pedal-powered loom they weave a variety of woollen products including scarves, blankets, throws and wraps. They produce tweed sold by the meter.


SVARNA Textiles Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of exclusive hand-woven and machine-woven fabrics, scarves, and madeups from India. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, their aim is to provide employment for local communities and their fabrics are produced with a minimum carbon footprint.


Taanbaan as a label offers an exclusive variety of indigenous organic cottons and low twist silks using hand spun yarns on the desi / traditional charkha / spinning wheel and woven with the finest hand skills on handloom.


Taroni’s factory and dyeing process was awarded GOTS certification in 2015 and the company is going to great lengths to be able to fully certify some of their classic piece dyed articles by guaranteeing that the whole process, silk worm to finished garment, be certified GOTS.


Tengri is a quintessentially British brand, immersed in global heritage. Based in London, they champion Mongolian yak fibre and purchase directly from cooperatives that represent more than 4,500 nomadic herder families.


Teseo SPA produce 4 different qualities of GOTS certified silk - organza, georgette, crepe satin and crepe de shine


Tessile Eco Bio produce fabrics that are made 100% in Europe. They have Gots certification for their cotton, linen and wool- 100% or in blends with a 30% maximum of natural fibres and again certified fabrics.


The African Fabric Shop is a specialist fair trade dealer in all types of African fabrics - the fabrics are not certified but are fully transparent in terms of where they were sourced

The Cloth House

The Cloth House is a long established fabric shop on Berwick street. They stock a number of handmade natural fabrics and have an increasing range of certified organic cottons.


The Cloth Shop stocks a small range of fairtrade and organic cottons, mostly certified.
They also stock vintage and antique quilts and textiles


The New Denim Project are based in Guatemala - their fabric consists of premium quality “up-cycled” denim made from a unique blend of recycled cotton mixed with pre-consumer denim waste.


Threads of Peru is a social enterprise. They use 100% natural fibres, dyed using locally sourced plant and insect materials according to ancient practices. They use no mechanised components.


Truecolours Textiles is a specialised online shop for certified organic fabrics including organic and fair trade cotton, silk, and handspun wool


Trama Textiles is a 100% worker owned weaving cooperative in Guatemala. They produce textiles, accessories, homewares and clothing that offer a fair wage to their weavers. Textiles are all handwoven from 100% premier grade cotton, using traditional Mayan techniques.


Well Cultivated is an online store selling a mix of ethical items, including bamboo fabric. Their textile range moves from jersey to woven, bamboo silk, bamboo denim, organic fleece.


WomenWeave, a registered Charitable Trust based in Maheshwar, MP, has supported and developed the role of women in handloom weaving since 2002. Their project links organic and non-organic cotton farmers of Central India with formerly unemployed local women of Maheshwar.


Wild Silk Markets focus on Conservation through Poverty Alleviation (CPALI) bringing you unique, handmade silk textiles found nowhere else in the world.

Haberdashery Suppliers


Aslli is a Peruvian company. They are a market leader in the manufacture of yarns for hand knitting, made with fibre of 100% organic cotton, certified by Control Union Certifications.

Bio Glitter

Bioglitter®, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter and has been developed to tackle the part of microplastic pollution created by glitter. The core of Bioglitter® is a naturally biodegradable cellulose, representing more than 90% of the product’s content.

Bio Trimmings

The team at Bio Trimmings create haberdashery and jewellery from food waste. Thier aim is to produce
biodegradable fashion made from materials that easily break down in the environments, helping to reduce energy used in manufacturing, minimising landfill wastes, and protecting oceans from plastic pollution.


Botanica Tinctoria offers a range of naturally dyed threads and trims.
Both organic and conventional cotton trimmings are dyed with BioDye India in a closed loop process.

Cruelty Free Feathers

Cruelty free feathers sell molted feathers from birds on their farm in Virginia, USA.


Lancaster & Cornish is an online lifestyle home-wares, fabric and haberdashery store based in Cornwall. They are the sole UK stockist of the organic cotton lace


MacCulloch Wallis stock a small rage of organic tape, cord, ribbon and fringe, as well as Gutterman recycled polyester thread.

K1 Yarns

K1Yarns is an online haberdasher specializing in 100% Scottish yarns. Everything in their store has been designed and made entirely by the owner, Katherine, in her studio in the west of Scotland.


One World Button Supply Co. works hand in hand with NGO micro-enterprise development programs, cooperatives and artisan families to promote environmental awareness, health and safety measures and fair-trade values.
Fairly traded and eco-friendly since 1995, One World buttons are dedicated to partnering time-honoured artisan skills with contemporary design for the benefit of artisan and the creative communities.
They work directly with artisan groups and producers, never through agents or brokers.

Organic Lace Company

Organic Lace produce lace specifically for the lingerie and apparel market using 100% certified organic cotton threads.


The Selvedge shop exists online and also as a shop in Archway, London.
The shop holds a carefully curated stock of vintage and traditionally made haberdashery, as well as home wares and some clothing items.
They hold a number of organic and naturally dyed threads and tapes and they are the sole UK stockist of Botanica Tinctoria.


Stitch Organics is a UK online retailer that specialises in organic and ethically sourced fabrics and haberdashery.
They stock a small range of GOTS certified organic cotton batiste, muslin, poplin, jersey and prints, as well as organic elastic, zips and a range of recycled buttons


Swarovski is proud to commit to conscious luxury - driving positive action and attitudes across the industry. They engage in responsible production, using materials of the future including the
most responsible crystal on the market, collaborating with others to improve practices in the industry and encouraging those who use Swarovski crystal to act more sustainably. They are also working on
an upcycled gem scheme. The Swarovski Foundation in was established in 2013 to honour the philanthropic spirit of Daniel Swarovski.


Atlantic Leather

Atlantic Leather is an Icelandic tannery leading in manufacturing fish leathers

Artigiano Del Cuoio

Artigiano Del Cuoio produce vegetable tanned leather goods using traditional techniques. They specialise in hand finished sandals and accessories.

Bark Tex®

Bark Tex® is the base for a wide range of textiles, boards and composites, which are manufactured in low energy, partly CO2-emission-free processes.The durability and texture of bark cloth makes it suitable as a naturally growing vegan leather. It is coloured with natural and industrial dyes.

Deepmello Leather

Deepmello produce leather that is tanned using rhubarb - a product they call “rhabarberleder”. All the process steps from the cultivation of rhubarb, to the extraction of the tannin agent as well as the tanning itself is fully realized in Germany. Even the rawhides come from regional resources with short transport distances.


Ecolorica is an Italian company, founded in 2013, based in Turin, that manufactures an innovative material made from a high tech microfiber with an impressive result of a polyamide and polyurethane blend.


E-Leather is an award winning, environmentally friendly material technology company that uses traditional leather fibres and high-powered water to produce a technologically advanced ecoleather material.


Green Hides’ is a US based company with a tannery in Italy. They are industry leaders in terms of creating environmentally friendly leather.


Jelinek Cork Group (JCG) is one of the oldest continually active cork companies in the world. Cork is a 100% sustainable and renewable natural resource, and cork fabric is a suitable leather alternative


J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd. is the only oak bark tannery remaining in the Britain. They produce quality leather for shoes, bags or equestrian wear.


MuSkin is a 100 % vegetable layer alternative to animal leather. It comes from the Phellinus ellipsoideus,
a kind of big parasitic fungus that grows in the wild and attacks the trees in the subtropical forests.


Natureally Organic Leather is produced from UK Soil Association certified organic cattle hides, using environmentally friendly chrome-free vegetable tanning, dyeing and finishing processes.


Nova Kaeru is a exotic bio leathers tannery, specialized in tanning fish, ostriches and caiman leathers. Nova Kearu has developed its own organic, chrome free tanning technology, called “Bio Leather”


OakLeather products are produced using minimum water consumption and is tanned without using harsh chemicals.


Piñatex® is a natural, sustainably produced textile made from the leaves of the pineapple plant. It was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to both mass produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.


ES Salmon Leather is a noble and versatile material, made by re-purposing salmon skin which was previously discarded by the commercial salmon industry.


SLW is a Canadian company and the agent of a fish leather manufacturer. This leather can be dyed in a variety of colours, and is available in suede and glazed finishes.

Dyeing and Printing


Aura Herbal is a manufacturer of herb dyed organic and fairtrade fabrics, clothing and homewares. They offer stock fabrics, customised production, block printing and screen printing.


DyStar is the world’s leading supplier of textile dyes. They have the broadest product range on the market, covering almost all fibres and quality specifications.


Ecological Textiles have a range of natural, easy to use dyes and printing inks, available for purchase, for use on cotton, linen, wool and silk.


Les Trouvailles d’Amandine is one of the few European companies that provide fully certified GOTS approved digital printing.


Permaset Aqua, Permatone and Permaprint Premium screen printing inks are eco friendly textile inks which do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs and HCFC’s, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. The Permatone range of ink for screen printing has also been granted approval by the Soil Association in the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for non-organic chemical inputs for use in organic textile processing.

Tharangini Studios

Tharangini is a blockprinting studio which was founded in 1977 on the principals of ecological sustainability and employees skilled artisans on Fair Trade terms.


Schofield Dyers & Finishers are based in Galashiels in the Scottish Border Country. They are Soil Association Approved for organic finishing and organic dying. They offer piece and yarn dying


Shilasdair Yarns are natural yarn dyers based on the Isle of Skye. They use natural materials are used at every stage of their production, creating dyes using locally available plants such as tansy, woad and lady’s bedstraw.


Wild Colours is the largest UK stockist of natural dyes, mordants and kits. They also provide useful resources to help any dyer on their way!

Fashion Brands

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• High end Womenswear • Casualwear • Ships from the US • Stocked in some UK department stores

Esk Cashmere

•Luxury Knitwear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Accessories •Ships from the UK

Etrala London

•Womenswear •High street style •Everyday wear / party wear •Unique leather / suede pieces •Ships from the UK


• Womenswear • Footwear • Accessories • Casualwear • Ships from the US

Fair a Porter

• Womenswear • Footwear • High end transparent fashion • Ships from Germany


•Womenswear •Menswear •Casual wear / Everyday wear •Outerwear •Knitwear, t-shirts, hoodies, shirts •Underwear •Accessories •Ships from the UK

Flavia La Rocca

•Luxury womenswear label •Structured classic pieces •Available on

From Somewhere

•Womenswear fashion label •Recycled and reclaimed materials •Unique pieces •Ships from the UK

Global Mamas

• Womenswear • Menswear • Childrenswear • Accessories • Ships from US

Good One

•Womenswear fashion label •Up-cycled materials •Unique jackets, dresses, tops •Stocked in;;


•Luxury sportswear •Women’s sportswear •Men’s sportswear •Yoga-wear •Ships from the UK

Gudrun and Gudrun

•Luxury Knitwear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Childrenswear •Hand knitted jumpers, dresses •Outerwear •Accessories •Ships from the Faroe Islands

Gung Ho

• Luxury Womenswear • Jewellery • Printed silk blouses and accessories • Ships fromt the UK

Honest By

•High end luxury label •Womenswear •Menswear •Shoes and Accessories •Ships from Belgium

Indie Brides

•Alternative bridal wear •Ships from the UK

Izzy Lane

•Luxury knitwear and woollens •Womenswear •Tweed / wool coats, blazers, skirts •Silk lounge wear •Ships from the UK


•Social Enterprise fashion label •Handmade •Womenswear •Childrenswear •Ships from the UK

Just Fashion

• High end made to order • Womenswear • Menswear • Childrenswear • Ships fom Norway


•Womenswear •Menswear •High street style •Everyday wear •Footwear and accessories •Ships from the UK


•Luxury casual-wear •Womenswear •Everyday / Basics / Smart •Stocked locally at;;;


•Womenswear •Menswear •High Street Style •Casual / Everyday wear •Jeans / t-shirts / shirts •Ships from Germany

L’Herbe Rouge

•Luxury knitwear and casual-wear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Everyday wear •Ships from France

La Lesso

•Luxury lifestyle brand •Womenswear •Swimwear •Ships from the UK

Laura Strambi

•Luxury womenswear label •Evening-wear / classic pieces •Handmade unique pieces

Little Doves

•Bespoke Christening wear •Antique Victorian / Edwardian original gowns •Hand embroidery and finishing •Ships from the UK

Little Green Radicals

•Childrenswear brand •Children age 0-10 •Accessories •Ships from the UK


•Womenswear fashion label •High Street style •Everyday / Casual •Knitwear / Outerwear / Tops / Trousers •Socks / Scarves / Hats •Ships from the UK

Maison de Mode

• Luxury ethical designers • Womenswear • Connecting buyers and boutiques • Shipping dependent on designers


•High end womenswear label •Bold bespoke prints •Classic pieces and everyday stables •Ships from Finland

Marwood London

•Menswear brand •Bespoke handmade ties / bow-ties •Pocket squares / scarves •Mohair socks •Ships from the UK


•Luxury Norwegian knitwear label •Womenswear •Classic pieces and staples •Ships from Norway

Milena Silvano

•Luxury sheepskin coats •Womenswear •Ships from the UK


•Wedding dress label •Ships from the UK

Mellie Green

•Childrenswear brand •Children 0-10 •Accessories •Ships from the UK


•Small knitwear label •Menswear •Womenswear •Made to order •Ships from the UK

Monkee Genes

•Denim jean brand •High street style / low cost •Men’s jeans •Women’s jeans •Ships from the UK

Nancy Dee

•Womenswear •High street style / low cost •Everyday / Party-wear •Dresses / Tops / Bottoms •Ships from the UK

Nudie Jeans

•Denim jean brand •Menswear •Womenswear •Childrenswear •Sweatshirts / Shirts / T-shirts •Ships from the UK

Osei Duro

•Womenswear fashion label •Casual and smart wear •Batiq / Hand dyed •Stocked at

Outsider Fashion

•Womenswear fashion label •Smart / classic pieces •Dresses / Blouse / trousers •Accessories •Ships from the UK


•Womenswear fashion label •Bold prints •Fluid silhouettes •Ships from the UK


•Sports / Outdoor label •Menswear •Womenswear •Childrenswear •Performance clothing

People Tree

•Womenswear •Menswear •Capsule designer collections •Everyday wear / classic pieces / basics •Ships from the UK

Private White VC

•Traditional British menswear •Wax Jackets/ Blazers / Shirts / Jumpers / Moleskin trousers etc. •Footwear and accessories •Ships from the UK


•Creative urban wear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Printed clothing •Printed tights •Ships from the UK

Rapanui Clothing

•Surf / Sportswear fashion label •Womenswear •Menswear •Outerwear / hoodies / t-shirts •Performance wear •Custom print t-shirts •Ships from the UK

Plain Lazy

•Urban street / skater / surf style •Menswear •Womenswear •Childrenswear •Hoodies / t-shirts / casual wear


•Womenswear fashion label •Urban wear / casual wear •Geometric / simple shapes •Ships from the UK


•Childrenswear brand •Children age 0-10 •Rock inspired clothing •Ships from the UK

Schmid Ttakahashi

•Luxury fashion label •Womenswear •Menswear •Ships from Berlin •Stocked in LN CC

S.E.H Kelly

•Traditiional British Menswear •Coats / Jackets / Jumpers / Shirts / Trousers •Opticals •Gloves •Ships from the UK

Susana Bettencourt

•Womenswear luxury designer •Knitwear / Bobbin Lace / Jacquards •Ships from Italy •Stocked at

The British Clothing Company

•Traditional British clothing •Menswear •Womenswear •T-shirts / Shirts / Dresses / Trousers •Accessories •Ships from the UK

•Ethical marketplace •Womenswear •Menswear •Childrenswear •Casual / Loungewear •Homewares •Accessories

Thread Tales

• Luxury Accessories label • Lotus hand woven scarves • Bespoke Embroidery • Ships from the UK


•Urban streetwear fashion label •Menswear •Womenswear •Numerous stockists across the UK


•Second hand and up-cycled clothing •Menswear •Womenswear •Shops across the UK

Trousers London

•High-end Menswear label •Jeans, t-shirts, belts •Ships from the UK

Uzma Bozai

•High end womenswear label •Graphic prints and bold colours •Ships from the UK •Stocked at


• Outdoor Clothing • Performance Wear • Sportswear • Ships from the UK


• Wetsuits • Boardshorts • Ships from France

We Are Collective

•High end basics •Womenswear •Menswear •Loungewear •Ships from the UK

We Are Islanders

•Luxury womenswear label •Hand painted / hand crafted •Unique silk designs and knitwear •Ships from Ireland

Zeus Vintage

•Designer vintage 1950-1990 •Womenswear •Menswear •Ships from the UK

Ally Cappelino

•Leather satchels, totes and rucksacks for men and women •Small leather accessories •Ships from the UK

Ancient Greek Sandals

•Leather sandals for men, women and children •Ships from Greece •Numerous stockists across the UK

Atelier De L’Armee

•Backpacks, satchels and accessories made from up-cycled military and dead stock fabrics •Ships from Amsterdam •Available on

Bourgeois Boheme

•Vegan footwear brand for men and women •Flats / heels / boots / trainers •Ships from the UK

Beyond Skin

•Luxury vegan footwear brand •Flats / heels / sandals / boots •Ships from the UK

Chilote Shoes

•Hand knitted shoes •Women / Men / Children •Buy via

Ethletic Shoes

• Tennis shoes and trainers • Womenswear • Menswear • Ships from Germany • Buy online from Ethical Superstore


• Backpacks, handbags, laptop bags, tote bags, shoppers • Wallets, keyholders, notepads • Stocked in numerous shops worldwide, inlcuding the London Graphic Centre

Hemp Eyewear

• Sunglasses • Optical • Ships from the UK

M. Hulot

•Leather hand-bags, ruck-sacks and small accessories •Men / Women •Ships from the UK

Good Guys

•Vegan footwear for women and men •Loafers, brogues, shoes, boots, cowboy boots •Ships from France •Stocked at

Matt and Nat

•Vegan bags and accessories for men and women •Hand-bags / ruck-sacks / briefcases / small accessories

Nisolo Shoes

• Womens Shoes • Mens Shoes • Ships from the US


•Luxury hat designer •Mens / Womens panama and sun hats •Accessories •Ships from the UK

Rae Jones

•Luxury footwear, handbags and accessories designer •Limited run shoes •Ships from the UK


• Repurposed vinyl billboards into one of a kind bags • Ships from the US

Swedish Hasbeens

•Hand crafted wooden shoes, boots and clogs •Ships from Sweden •Stocked in boutiques across the UK

Terhi Pölkki

•Hand crafted wooden shoes and boots •Ships from Finland •Stocked at

Urban Remade


•High top trainers made from recycled Transport for London upholstery, and recycled materials •Men / Women •Ships from the UK


•Men’s and women’s high fashion trainers •Running shoes / esplars / high tops •Accessories •Ships from the UK •Stocked at

A Beautiful Story

•Womenswear silver and gem stones •High-street value •Necklaces, bracelets and charms •Ships from the Netherlands •Stocked at

Arabelle Brusan

•Bespoke and limited edition luxury gold and silver fine jewellery •High-end value •Filigree work •Engagement / wedding rings •Rings / necklaces / bracelets •Ships from the UK


•Unusual handmade jewellery from Caipora •Mid-range value •Bracelets / necklaces / earrings / rings •Ships from the UK

Cred Jewellery

•Luxury gold and silver fine jewellery for women •High end value •Liz Earle Fairtrade collection •Engagement rings / bracelets •Ships from the UK

Edge of Ember

•Gold and silver modern jewellery for women •Mid-range value •Earrings / bangles / rings / necklaces •Ships from the UK

Joanna Cave

•Recycled silver and gold jewellery for women •Mid range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings •Ships from the UK •Stocked at


•Himilayan traditional style jewellery •Silver, brass, gold plated, hammered metal and Nepali traditional stones turquoise, coral, and lapis lazuli •Buy in the UK online via the etsy shop

Made UK

•Handmade jewellery •High street range •Earrings / rings / bracelets / necklaces / bags •Ships from the UK


•Unusual collection using sterling silver, 22k gold plated metals, brass, bronze and semi precious stones •Mid-range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings / charms / statues •Ships from the UK

Polly Wales

•Luxury unique “rough” jewellery •High-end range •Gold / silver / precious / semi-precious stones •Numerous stockists across the UK

Tanvi Kant

•Unique “jewel-stitchery” - jewellery made from textiles embellished with embroidery threads, reticulated silver and gemstones. •Bespoke and ready to wear pieces •Mid range value •Numerous stockists across London

Boody Wear

• Women’s underwear and socks • Men’s underwear and sock • Childrens underwear • Ships from the UK

Iris London

•Women’s Lingerie •Loungewear •Ships from the UK •Stocked at

Lara Intimates

• Women’s Underwear • Ships from the UK

Luva Huva

•Women’s Lingerie •Nightwear •Loungewear / Activewear •Accessories •Ships from the UK


• Women’s underwear • Nude for all range • Ships from the US


•Women’s lingerie •Children’s underwear •Loungewear •Ships from Denmark •Five UK stockists


•Women’s underwear •Bodies and tops •Ships from Denmark •Stocked at

Wardrobe Department Supplies


Avani produces sustainable and disposable packaging, made from plants rather than plastic.


Celtic and Co are an excellent choice for ‘keep warm’ items, producing a range of luxury sheep skin boots, slippers, flip flops, insoles and knitwear.

Cora Ball

The Cora Ball is a laundry ball that catches microfibers during your wash. Thousands of particles of plastic enter the waterway every time you wash synthetic fabrics and fleece. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of them in the right way.


EcoAlf create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials. Their down filled jackets come with a detailed guarantee of their warmth and water resistance, which can rival any of the top brands such as North Face or RAB in terms of warmth, durability and price.


Green Fibres are the ideal place to go for quality organic cotton comfort wear, organic wool and cotton thermals, underwear and socks, as well as towels and cleaning products.


Marks and Spencer is the first major high street store to show genuine commitment to sustainability and social justice. Their “Plan A” policy seeks to make them the world’s most sustainable retailer by 2020.


The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is a pragmatic solution to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. Its soft surface results in less fiber loss and thus extends garments lifetime. Those microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag.


NORMN Hangers produce hangers that are 100% sustainable, made from recycled solid board, printed with vegetable based ink and are 100% recyclable after use.


Patagonia is the largest outdoor clothing manufacturer committed to responsible manufacturing. They sell almost two hundred different items which have been certified fair trade, and all of the cotton used in their clothing is 100% certified organic


0845 071 0754

Many traditional packaging materials are not eco-friendly, such as polystyrene loosefill or plastic blister packs, but many of these products have alternatives which would achieve the same results, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.


0121 772 5200

Sadlers are specialist suppliers of once used cardboard boxes with a vast stock range and a substantial stockholding facility delivering low cost, environmentally friendly packaging solutions to customers. In addition they initiate cardboard box reuse schemes with volume producers of cardboard waste.

The Costumier

The Costumier is a special shop dedicated to designing and supplying the things that stylists and costumiers need to do their job properly.

Dry Cleaning


BLANC uses a cleaning technology, Lagoon which is an incredibly effective and ecological clean for even the most delicate of silks, cashmeres and pure new wools. It is proven to out preform dry cleaning


Connoisseur Dry Cleaners are a specialist cleaning company offering the highest standard of dry cleaning and laundry services, eco-friendly cleaning methods, and a variety of specialist textile services nationwide.


Green Highbury or C + A Dry Cleaners offer expert dry cleaning. They use the environmentally friendly solvent Eco Solv


Jeeves of Belgravia is committed to using environmentally-safe cleaning processes through innovation and leading technological advancements, to deliver the highest quality results to our customers without impacting the environment


Johnson Cleaners are the only national UK dry cleaner that uses GreenEarth®, delivering first class cleaning results whilst being 100% non-toxic to the environment.


White Rose Laundries have four branches in London. They offer both GreenEarth® technology cleaning and Wet Cleaning - be sure to specify

Factories and Producers


Jenny Robertson hand knits fine cobweb lace from hand-spun yarn using a traditional Hebridean spinning wheel. She makes bespoke shawls, scarves, gloves, wraps and stoles from the Isle of Eigg.


From Croft to Couture. Di Gilpin is a knit design studio based in Scotland championing Scottish Wool with their own Lalland Lambswool and Cashmere. Each piece is made by a small team of creative and skilled knitters in Scotland.


Diane Holmes has worked for 17 years in partnership with a Karachi based embroidery workshop, producing period and contemporary embroidery for costume and set decorating teams within the film and TV industry and theatre.


ERIBÉ are a knitwear manufacturer based in Galashiels. They are one of the largest hand-knitting companies in Europe. ERIBÉ predominantly work with hand knitting but they do have industrial knitting machines with 2.5 - 12 gauge used for sampling. ERIBÉ have a network of hand knitters working out in the local communities.


ESK are a luxury knitwear manufacturer combining craft and technology. They source natural and noble fibres and work with spinners in Scotland and Italy.


Fairsew is a garment manufacturer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They are committed to fair treatment of their employees providing them with a safe working environment, offering benefits well above the minimum levels for garment workers in Cambodia and providing staff with opportunities for further learning and development.


Fashion Enter is a not for profit, social enterprise, based in London, which strives to be a centre of excellence for sampling, grading, production and for learning and development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry.


Kathleen’s Handknit Irish Sweaters is a small family run business situated in the south-west of Donegal, Ireland. Kathleen knits & designs her own sweaters but also has a highly skilled team of local people working for her creating hand-knit sweaters.


The Himalaya Tailoring Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a certified member of the Fair Trade Forum of India (affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organisation). Their team of world class tailors are trained in classical tailoring techniques and have gained a reputation for their careful attention to detail and beautiful finishing.


London Pattern Bureau is a pattern cutting and sampling studio. They work with highly-skilled pattern cutters and sewing machinists to ensure the best possible quality. The company founder has experience working in the world of sustainable fashion and has carried the ethics forward to this workshop.


Jacobs Well is an international fair trade fashion production house, transforming the lives of India’s urban poor. Jacobs Well bespoke fair trade CMT unit is supported by a UK team. They offer sampling and small run production for new, emerging high end designers and small business start-ups.


Mila is co-funded by a German company which guides the business model. Their core values are an ethical and eco-friendly production as well as recognising the needs of the local workers.

What to do with Textile Waste


RADA have a costume store that services their 21 shows a year. Their stock is made up of donated pieces, or pieces made by students on their “Theatre Costume” course.
They have a fabric store that takes fabric donations, which students have access to for projects and productions.


Significant Seams offer community workshops and classes including a Socially Supportive Stitching group which particularly works with agencies supporting people in mental health recovery, isolated by circumstance, and adults needing a bit of social support.


Suited & Booted is a charity based in the City of London. Public agencies refer vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men, and they help them get into employment by providing suitable interview clothing donated by companies and professionals. They also offer clients interview advice and mentoring.


TRAID is the most obvious choice for donations as they are the largest textile recyclers in the UK. TRAID is a charity working to stop clothes from being thrown away. They turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of clothes.


Central Saint Martins take donations of fabric on both their Fashion and Textiles course and their Performance and Design courses. All the fabric that is donated, is stored in their fabric store and is sold to the students at a minimal cost of £2.00 per metre, which is then used to purchase items for the students that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.


London College of Fashion takes donations of fabric which will be used by students on their design courses. As well as a Costume for Performance course, they also have a Centre for Fashion and Sustainability.


Wimbledon College of Art take donations of fabric which will be used by students on their costume design and theatre design courses.


Work and Play Scrapstore promote the re-use of resources for environmental and community benefit. As a not-for-profit organisation staffed mainly by volunteers, they take a wide range of donated clean waste materials from businesses and individuals.