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•Ethical marketplace •Womenswear •Menswear •Childrenswear •Casual / Loungewear •Homewares •Accessories

A Beautiful Story

•Womenswear silver and gem stones •High-street value •Necklaces, bracelets and charms •Ships from the Netherlands •Stocked at

Ally Cappelino

•Leather satchels, totes and rucksacks for men and women •Small leather accessories •Ships from the UK

Animaná Patagonia

Animaná was created to promote the revival of culture of Patagonia and the Andes through fair trade, local development and the incorporation of added value to the natural fibres of the region

Arabelle Brusan

•Bespoke and limited edition luxury gold and silver fine jewellery •High-end value •Filigree work •Engagement / wedding rings •Rings / necklaces / bracelets •Ships from the UK

Asos Eco Edit

• Edit of eco-friendly designers • High street style • Womenswear • Menswear • Footwear and accessories • Ships from the UK

Asos Market Place

Buy second hand and vintage clothing from boutiques
• Womenswear • Menswear • 14 days return policy • Ships from the UK

Atelier De L’Armee

•Backpacks, satchels and accessories made from up-cycled military and dead stock fabrics •Ships from Amsterdam •Available on

Brothers We Stand

• Menswear boutique • An edit of ethical designers • Footwear and accessories • Online store and shop • Ships from the UK


•Unusual handmade jewellery from Caipora •Mid-range value •Bracelets / necklaces / earrings / rings •Ships from the UK

Chinti and Parker

•Luxury Ready to Wear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Casual / Everyday wear •Knitwear •Loungewear •Accessories •Ships from the UK

Cred Jewellery

•Luxury gold and silver fine jewellery for women •High end value •Liz Earle Fairtrade collection •Engagement rings / bracelets •Ships from the UK


• Buy and sell secondhand and vintage clothing • Womenswear • Menswear • Accessories • Returns policy dependant on seller

Edge of Ember

•Gold and silver modern jewellery for women •Mid-range value •Earrings / bangles / rings / necklaces •Ships from the UK

Edit Second Hand

• Designer / Luxury Vintage and Secondhand clothing • Womenswear • Accessories • 1 week returns policy • Ships from the UK


• Womenswear • Footwear • Accessories • Casualwear • Ships from the US


• Designer / Luxury Vintage clothing • Womenswear • Accessories • 1 week returns policy • Ships from the UK


•Womenswear •Menswear •Casual wear / Everyday wear •Outerwear •Knitwear, t-shirts, hoodies, shirts •Underwear •Accessories •Ships from the UK


• Backpacks, handbags, laptop bags, tote bags, shoppers • Wallets, keyholders, notepads • Stocked in numerous shops worldwide, inlcuding the London Graphic Centre

Gudrun and Gudrun

•Luxury Knitwear label •Womenswear •Menswear •Childrenswear •Hand knitted jumpers, dresses •Outerwear •Accessories •Ships from the Faroe Islands

Hardly Ever Worn It

• Buy / Sell pre-owned designer / luxury Fashion • Womenswear • Accessories • 14 days returns policy • Ships from the UK

High Fashion Society

• Second hand luxury designer • Bags watches and accessories • 1 week returns policy • Ships from the UK

Joanna Cave

•Recycled silver and gold jewellery for women •Mid range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings •Ships from the UK •Stocked at


•Himilayan traditional style jewellery •Silver, brass, gold plated, hammered metal and Nepali traditional stones turquoise, coral, and lapis lazuli •Buy in the UK online via the etsy shop


•Womenswear •Menswear •High street style •Everyday wear •Footwear and accessories •Ships from the UK


•Ethical fashion superstore •High Street Style •Womenswear •Menswear •Childrenswear •Everyday wear / Lounge wear •Classic pieces •Underwear and accessories •Ships from the UK


•Curated “Conscious” collection •High-end designer labels •Womenswear •Menswear •Footwear and accessories •Online Store and shop •Ships from the UK

M. Hulot

•Leather hand-bags, ruck-sacks and small accessories •Men / Women •Ships from the UK

Made UK

•Handmade jewellery •High street range •Earrings / rings / bracelets / necklaces / bags •Ships from the UK

Matt and Nat

•Vegan bags and accessories for men and women •Hand-bags / ruck-sacks / briefcases / small accessories

Maude and Tommy

•Womenswear boutique •Multiple brands •Everyday wear / loungewear •Jewellery and accessories •Online store and shop •Ships from the UK


•Unusual collection using sterling silver, 22k gold plated metals, brass, bronze and semi precious stones •Mid-range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings / charms / statues •Ships from the UK


•Luxury hat designer •Mens / Womens panama and sun hats •Accessories •Ships from the UK

Polly Wales

•Luxury unique “rough” jewellery •High-end range •Gold / silver / precious / semi-precious stones •Numerous stockists across the UK


• Buy / Sell second hand designer and high street clothing • Womenswear • Accessories • Returns dependent on seller • Ships from the UKResee

Reve en Vert

•Carefully curated selection of womenswear •Classic pieces / smart •Knitwear •Underwear and accessories •Ships from the UK

Tanvi Kant

•Unique “jewel-stitchery” - jewellery made from textiles embellished with embroidery threads, reticulated silver and gemstones. •Bespoke and ready to wear pieces •Mid range value •Numerous stockists across London

The Acey

•Carefully curated selection of womenswear •Outerwear / classic pieces / everyday wear •Unique pieces •Footwear and accessories •Ships from the UK

The British Clothing Company

•Traditional British clothing •Menswear •Womenswear •T-shirts / Shirts / Dresses / Trousers •Accessories •Ships from the UK

The Keep Boutique

•Womenswear •Menswear •Numerous ethical labels •Everyday wear •Jewellery and accessories •Lingerie and nightwear •Online store and bricks and mortar shop


The New Denim Project are based in Guatemala - their fabric consists of premium quality “up-cycled” denim made from a unique blend of recycled cotton mixed with pre-consumer denim waste.


Trama Textiles is a 100% worker owned weaving cooperative in Guatemala. They produce textiles, accessories, homewares and clothing that offer a fair wage to their weavers. Textiles are all handwoven from 100% premier grade cotton, using traditional Mayan techniques.


•Men’s and women’s high fashion trainers •Running shoes / esplars / high tops •Accessories •Ships from the UK •Stocked at

Vide Dressing

• Buy / sell second hand high street and designer clothing • Womenswear • Accessories • 48 hr returns policy