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Fabrications is an independent gallery, shop and studio dedicated to contemporary textile practise and design, with a particular interest in up-cycling and eco design.


Herbal Fab is based in Ahmedabad, India. All fabrics are either naturally dyed/printed (woven only) or coloured using certified low impact dyes (knit and woven available). They sell organic cotton, ahimsa silk, khadi, wood based fibres and special blends.


Majestic Silks produce 100% organic ahminsa silk, boiled off and kept in its natural state, ready for dyeing or printing. They are based in Hertfordshire, UK, where they grow Mulberry trees.


Seidentraum are a leading organic silk manufacturer, stocking hundreds of varieties of Bio Silk. They stock organic-silk GOTS certificated, Tussah wild silk, Ahimsa non-violent silk, as well as interesting mixes and blends in a variety of shades.


Truecolours Textiles is a specialised online shop for certified organic fabrics including organic and fair trade cotton, silk, and handspun wool