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A Beautiful Story

•Womenswear silver and gem stones •High-street value •Necklaces, bracelets and charms •Ships from the Netherlands •Stocked at

Arabelle Brusan

•Bespoke and limited edition luxury gold and silver fine jewellery •High-end value •Filigree work •Engagement / wedding rings •Rings / necklaces / bracelets •Ships from the UK

Bio Trimmings

The team at Bio Trimmings create haberdashery and jewellery from food waste. Thier aim is to produce
biodegradable fashion made from materials that easily break down in the environments, helping to reduce energy used in manufacturing, minimising landfill wastes, and protecting oceans from plastic pollution.


•Unusual handmade jewellery from Caipora •Mid-range value •Bracelets / necklaces / earrings / rings •Ships from the UK

Cred Jewellery

•Luxury gold and silver fine jewellery for women •High end value •Liz Earle Fairtrade collection •Engagement rings / bracelets •Ships from the UK

Edge of Ember

•Gold and silver modern jewellery for women •Mid-range value •Earrings / bangles / rings / necklaces •Ships from the UK

Gung Ho

• Luxury Womenswear • Jewellery • Printed silk blouses and accessories • Ships fromt the UK

Joanna Cave

•Recycled silver and gold jewellery for women •Mid range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings •Ships from the UK •Stocked at


•Himilayan traditional style jewellery •Silver, brass, gold plated, hammered metal and Nepali traditional stones turquoise, coral, and lapis lazuli •Buy in the UK online via the etsy shop

Made UK

•Handmade jewellery •High street range •Earrings / rings / bracelets / necklaces / bags •Ships from the UK


•Unusual collection using sterling silver, 22k gold plated metals, brass, bronze and semi precious stones •Mid-range value •Earrings / bracelets / necklaces / rings / charms / statues •Ships from the UK

Polly Wales

•Luxury unique “rough” jewellery •High-end range •Gold / silver / precious / semi-precious stones •Numerous stockists across the UK


Swarovski is proud to commit to conscious luxury - driving positive action and attitudes across the industry. They engage in responsible production, using materials of the future including the
most responsible crystal on the market, collaborating with others to improve practices in the industry and encouraging those who use Swarovski crystal to act more sustainably. They are also working on
an upcycled gem scheme. The Swarovski Foundation in was established in 2013 to honour the philanthropic spirit of Daniel Swarovski.

Tanvi Kant

•Unique “jewel-stitchery” - jewellery made from textiles embellished with embroidery threads, reticulated silver and gemstones. •Bespoke and ready to wear pieces •Mid range value •Numerous stockists across London