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Artigiano Del Cuoio

Artigiano Del Cuoio produce vegetable tanned leather goods using traditional techniques. They specialise in hand finished sandals and accessories.

Atlantic Leather

Atlantic Leather is an Icelandic tannery leading in manufacturing fish leathers

Bark Tex®

Bark Tex® is the base for a wide range of textiles, boards and composites, which are manufactured in low energy, partly CO2-emission-free processes.The durability and texture of bark cloth makes it suitable as a naturally growing vegan leather. It is coloured with natural and industrial dyes.

Deepmello Leather

Deepmello produce leather that is tanned using rhubarb - a product they call “rhabarberleder”. All the process steps from the cultivation of rhubarb, to the extraction of the tannin agent as well as the tanning itself is fully realized in Germany. Even the rawhides come from regional resources with short transport distances.


E-Leather is an award winning, environmentally friendly material technology company that uses traditional leather fibres and high-powered water to produce a technologically advanced ecoleather material.


Ecolorica is an Italian company, founded in 2013, based in Turin, that manufactures an innovative material made from a high tech microfiber with an impressive result of a polyamide and polyurethane blend.


ES Salmon Leather is a noble and versatile material, made by re-purposing salmon skin which was previously discarded by the commercial salmon industry.


Green Hides’ is a US based company with a tannery in Italy. They are industry leaders in terms of creating environmentally friendly leather.


Jelinek Cork Group (JCG) is one of the oldest continually active cork companies in the world. Cork is a 100% sustainable and renewable natural resource, and cork fabric is a suitable leather alternative


J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd. is the only oak bark tannery remaining in the Britain. They produce quality leather for shoes, bags or equestrian wear.


MuSkin is a 100 % vegetable layer alternative to animal leather. It comes from the Phellinus ellipsoideus,
a kind of big parasitic fungus that grows in the wild and attacks the trees in the subtropical forests.


Natureally Organic Leather is produced from UK Soil Association certified organic cattle hides, using environmentally friendly chrome-free vegetable tanning, dyeing and finishing processes.


Nova Kaeru is a exotic bio leathers tannery, specialized in tanning fish, ostriches and caiman leathers. Nova Kearu has developed its own organic, chrome free tanning technology, called “Bio Leather”


Piñatex® is a natural, sustainably produced textile made from the leaves of the pineapple plant. It was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to both mass produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.


SLW is a Canadian company and the agent of a fish leather manufacturer. This leather can be dyed in a variety of colours, and is available in suede and glazed finishes.