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Animaná Patagonia

Animaná was created to promote the revival of culture of Patagonia and the Andes through fair trade, local development and the incorporation of added value to the natural fibres of the region


GC Handmade is a small company based in Nepal specialising in handmade luxury accessories made with natural fibres such as white cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Yak wool from Tibet and unbleached linen from Belgium.


MYak purchase 100% traceable wools directly from nomadic communities in Tibet. The Yak wool is entirely woven by expert craftsmen in Italy producing a fabric as fine as cashmere.


Norlha trains and employs Tibetan nomads on the high plateau to process fibre from their yaks. Norlha combines traditional techniques with more modern technology to create luxurious textiles in an endless variety of patterns and weights, suitable for all seasons.


Pickering International has been a pioneer of eco and sustainable fabric suppliers since 1992. They offer organic cotton and linen, hemp, wool, soy bean, bamboo and recycled fibres.