Wardrobe Department Supplies

It can be easy to make small changes in any costume department (without any hassle!), that can save money and also improve sustainability.
The following “green production tips” are recommended:

  • Ensure there are sufficient recycling facilities in all departments, workshops and kitchens, particularly for paper, plastics (bags, garment bags, bottles) and textile waste.

  • Reduce usage first! Avoid single use products and try not to over order.

  • Carry forward stationary, workroom and office supplies to future productions.

  • Use cloth dress bags, instead of plastic dress bags.

  • Buy recycled laundry bags.

  • Avoid throwing out hangers - return dry-cleaners hangers and bags to them.

  • Buy Fairtrade groceries from ethical supermarkets.

  • Use environmentally friendly ecological detergents and soaps such as Ecover.

  • If buying new, buy energy efficient irons, steamers and kettles

  • Consider fair trade and ethical brands when buying “keep warm” and “comfort” items.