Waste and left over fabric

According to TRAID n the UK, over 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill or incinerated every year resulting in increased waste and carbon emissions. All textile waste can be recycled in one form or another, and here are some suggestions.

Fabric Off-Cuts and Scraps:

Anything under 1m can be sent to a scrap store where it will be distributed to schools for art classes etc. or can be recycled via Traid. The smallest of scraps can be recycled in to threads, or shredded for fillings for car seats etc. Reuseful Uk also have a directory of scrap-stores across the UK www.scrapstoresuk.org.

Fabric 1m plus:

This can be passed on to fashion and costume schools, local theatre companies or to places such as Offset Warehouse.

Clothing and Shoes:

Before off loading everything on a charity shop to be sold on, there are some more direct ways clothing and shoes can be passed on. Warm coats and warm clothing can be handed directly to soup kitchens or refuge shelters, to be given to the homeless, and people in need. Suits and shoes can be passed to charities such as Suited and Booted, listed below.

Period clothing:

Any historical costume items can be passed on to costume schools who have a store for research and productions.