An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

Tags: gennies

Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy is active in a wide range of fuel cell application markets including education, portable power, transport and stationary.


BAE systems

Provide flexible solar power solutions.

Fire Fly Solar

Provide renewable energy solutions for studios and locations.


Fuel Cell Systems

Low carbon generators and standby power solutions.


Hybrid Power Hire

Hybrid Power Hire provides a bespoke, low carbon, sustainable, off grid power solution for TV and Film production locations, with service and support.


Light Green Power

LightGreen Power designs and supplies silent, emission free electrochemical power packs to customers requiring remote and portable power solutions.


Provide gennies which run on waste vegetable oil

On Bio

On Bio are listed on the abert supplier page for the services provided UCO (used cooking oil), presently the only ‘sustainable’ bio fuel option.

Powerful Thinking

Powerful thinking explore new ways of working which reduce costs and carbon through increased efficiency, and share findings to promote lower carbon energy supply.

Proper Oils

Collecting used cooking oil from chefs and caterers for refining into biodiesel. Also offering fresh cooking oil deliveries.

London and the South.


The Solar Experts present an eco store for all situations.

SunStore supply the most comprehensive and tested range of eco products including 12v Solar Panels and solar kits for caravans, motorhomes, boats, farms, homes and businesses. All solar components for battery charging and off grid energy including 12v and portable solar panels and MPPT charge controllers

The Powerline

Generator company aiming for carbon neutrality.

Uptown Oil

Uptown will deliver fresh cooking oil, collect waste oil and deliver biofuel.