An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

Tags: materials


Dresd repurpose waste materials from the film and TV industry.


Emerge 3RS

Greater Manchester charity gladly receiving donations of construction materials who also have wood for re use.

Ethical Nation

Provide recycled and eco friendly branded gifts


Website database of fabrics with environmental credentials

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise which brings together a huge range of hand-picked eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile projects.


Scenery Salvage (including Stockyard North)

Scenery Salvage run a national network to deliver pre-used props and sets for construction projects, and waste sets for re-use or recycling.



When sets are no longer needed, set-a-side make the Designer and Production Manager aware of the fact in order to give them the opportunity to consider reusing elements of the set in other productions.

Stephen Everett

Stephen Everett has long specialised in the supply of reconditioned professional video tape to worldwide broadcast markets.