An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

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2nd Hand Scenery Scotland

2nd Hand Scenery Scotland was founded by Matt Doolan & Simon Cook, two scenic carpenters who were dismayed by the sheer volume of scenery being sent to landfill by the Scottish entertainment industry.


Waste management services. Biffa is the leading nationwide integrated waste management business providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services.



Waste management service.

Bywaters offers a complete Recycling and Resource Management service tailored to individual businesses in London and the South East.

South East

Carpet Recycling

Advice on what to do with unwanted carpets.

National advice


Waste management service.

Cawleys provide a complete range of services for businesses looking to manage and recycle waste resources as efficiently as possible. Their service spans all operational size requirements from single skip hire to shopping centre management; all waste stream types, and covers south east England and the midlands

Midlands and South East

Country Style

Waste management service. Countrystyle Group iis a Waste Management and Recycling Company operating nationally with a strong presence in the South and East of England.

South and East of England

DS Smith

Waste management service.

DS Smith deliver sustainable business recycling services including paper recycling and cardboard recycling through to total waste management solutions tailored to achieve zero waste.


Emerge 3RS

Greater Manchester charity gladly receiving donations of construction materials who also have wood for re use.

First Mile

Waste management service.

First Mile collect from 10,000 businesses in London 24 hours a day all year round. They make recycling for businesses easy, helping companies save money and reduce their environmental impact.



Recyclable cups made from recycled materials.


Waste management services.

South East


Waste management services.

Environmentally concerned and commercially driven, Lanz Group is a company that has built its reputation on providing quality services which are professionally delivere

South East

Location One

Location supplies and waste and recycling service.

Noble Waste Management

Carbon Neutral, innovative waste management company.

Paper Round

Waste management services.

Paper Round offer a full range of services from office recycling to food recycling and computer recycling for London businesses

London and Brighton

Quantum Waste

Quantum waste offer collection of all common waste and recycling streams and seek to minimise their operation impact wherever possible.

Scenery Salvage (including Stockyard North)

Scenery Salvage run a national network to deliver pre-used props and sets for construction projects, and waste sets for re-use or recycling.


Select Enviro

Waste management services, including composting!

South East


When sets are no longer needed, set-a-side make the Designer and Production Manager aware of the fact in order to give them the opportunity to consider reusing elements of the set in other productions.

Stephen Everett

Stephen Everett has long specialised in the supply of reconditioned professional video tape to worldwide broadcast markets.

Uptown Oil

Uptown will deliver fresh cooking oil, collect waste oil and deliver biofuel.



Waste management services.

Veolia operate across the entire range of environmental services and offer customers comprehensive and tailored solutions



Waste management services.

Viridor is one of the UK’s leading recycling, renewable energy and waste management companies. Viridor puts waste into action, transforming it into high quality recyclables, raw materials and energy.