An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

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Aurora are a lighting rental company for television, broadcast and entertainment industries. Aurora can provide the industry with low energy lighting. They operate worldwide.

Band Film Studio

Band Films is a Bristol based film production and studio facility l with a mission to support sustainable film making.


Temporary, re-usable walls for use on set on or location.


Greater Manchester charity gladly receiving donations of construction materials.


Gekko have a wide range of energy efficient studio lamps


Greenkit are a film lighting rental company. We specialise in energy efficient lights that give filmmakers an innovative, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional film lighting.

London based


Specialising in recycling hazardous waste for studios and on location

LED Creative

LED Creative is a broadcast entertainment rental lighting company. It works closely with set designers and lighting directors and specialises in custom-designed LED systems – eg, LED strips.

Pinewood MBS Lighting

Pinewood MBS Lighting have a wide range of low energy lighting solutions for television and film. They provide services worldwide.

Scene Cuisine

Catering company with experience assisting programme teams in delivering sustainable productions.

Show Tex

A range of ecological and recycled products and fabrics for theatres, events, and performing arts including blue and green screen.


Simon Priestman

Zero local-emission, 4x4, all-terrain, camera, crane base and camera equipment.


Lighting company with a wide array of low energy lamps.

Snow Business

Snow Business’s principal product lines, Pro-Flake, Eco-Flake and Bio-Sparkle, were designed in partnership Bristol University with environmental sustainability in mind.

Sunbeam Studios

2 x 3,000 sq ft and 1 x 1,500 sq ft sustainable studio spaces with 100% renewable power, full recycling and up-cycling facilities and many other green initiatives.

Version 2

Studio lighting company with extensive experience with low-energy lighting.