Posted on 13th June 2019

Spotlight On: ITV Creative

See the objective that the whole crew committed to, making their production and home lives more sustainable.

ITV Creative, ITV’s in house creative agency, has become the first UK agency to achieve albert certification for an on air marketing campaign, for Good Morning Britain. ITV Creative has been working hard to put sustainable production at the heart of everything it does, at home and at work. It is now mandatory for the production and operations team to attend carbon literacy training which has not only resulted in better practises in the office and shoots but also in people’s homes, with many people changing their daily habits and taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Involving the whole team in making a positive change has led to every team member having a personal objective: to make ITV Creative albert sustainable, put sustainable production into all our production practises, reduce our environmental impact and drive best practice. This aligns with ITV’s wider objectives and Corporate Responsibility Strategy.

ITV Creative have been making sustainable practices on set the norm; sets are made with low volatile paints and recycled at the end of production, Ram board was used rather than Corex for floor protection, plastic water bottles have all but been eliminated from set, camera kit has been delivered by cycle courier meaning zero emissions, the list goes on!

However the really special thing about the ITV Creative team having their personal objective has been the shift it’s created in every aspect of their lives. There has been a noticeably higher level of carbon awareness around the office and lead to genuine discussion about the environment and condition of our lives.

Being more aware at work has led to small but important changes at home; many of the team have switched to 100% renewable energy, also sharing discount codes to encourage others to do the same. The team has been challenging the use of single use plastic when offered, composting and eating considerably more vegan/vegetarian food. Others have also started to research further into businesses making sustainable products, even donating to a crowd funding site developing a collapsible straw that attaches to your key ring.

Most importantly, ITV Creative has developed a sense of community within the team where everyone has come together with enthusiasm and excitement to create positive change in the work place and the world!

Anna Waldeck-Evans, Controller, Production and Operations, ITV Creative:

“ITV Creative have a commitment to driving sustainable practice in production and are in a strong position to help educate and drive change in the industry as part of our social responsibility. We are proud to have achieved the albert certification so quickly, having started the process in January 2018. By giving people a personal sustainability objective, we really believe we are putting this at the heart of everything we do and seeing the teams working on campaigns bringing this to the forefront is fantastically inspiring. We look forward to implementing new ideas and learning more from others so we continue to reduce our environmental impact and set an example for others to follow.”