Posted on 2nd July 2019

Take inspiration from Keo Films and send a ‘green’ newsletter

So many of you are doing fantastic things in the name of sustainability, but do you communicate all the hard work back to your team? Take some inspiration from the guys at Keo Films

We hear from so many productions who are doing great and innovative things on set and in the production office to reduce their footprint. But how many of you are also taking the opportunity to communicate all these achievements to the rest of the team and the wider production office? It’s a simple but really effective way of bringing everyone on board as well as sharing best practice.

The team at Keo Films, who make Britain’s Best Home Cook for BBC One have been doing a fantastic job of sharing all their news with the crew, Sam Ivermee who is responsible for coordinating and sending the email round had this to say:

‘Doing the newsletters didn’t take too long, normally 3-4 hours. I enjoyed working out the statistics of the (approx.) amount of C02 or waste we’d be reducing. There’s a great website called that helped me come up with a lot of the stats and figures we used in the newsletter. The reaction from the team was great, once the first one had gone out I had different departments coming to me and telling me what they’d been doing!’


Download one of Keo's Green Newsletters