Posted on 4th July 2019

How to trim transport emissions

Being the Brontës achieved a number of sustainability wins

Being the Brontës achieved a number of sustainability wins. They cut their overseas travel carbon emissions by sending their crew and kit on Eurostar rather than flying to Belgium. Taking the train from London direct to their filming destination in central Brussels was easier and quicker than a plane, avoiding lengthy flight check-in times and airport transfers. The train was also cheaper than flying – saving the production budget around £200 on excess baggage costs.

UK travel emissions were kept down with efficient shoot scheduling. Filming at Haworth in Yorkshire was all done in one week, avoiding travel back and forth from Bristol and London. Many of the production team, presenter and contributors also travelled by train, which is more carbon efficient than cars. And to keep overall travel to a minimum, the production hired local talent, such as sound recordist, make-up, catering and extras.

PC Emily Casstles says: “We found local talent from our own contacts acquired from years of experience and asking the PC/PMA network in BBC Bristol. We built up relationships with the Parsonage and local people in Haworth so they helped us quite a lot. And I asked the contacts that I made from my Hotshoes placement in Sept in BBC North”.