Posted on 5th July 2019

Fashioning change

What can the costume industry do to behave more sustainably?

This year’s London Fashion Week has been making headlines for a different reason: extinction rebellion took to the streets to shine a light on the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on earth, MPs used it as their opportunity to release a damning report on the industry’s environmental credentials and just days before the event began, the UK’s youth took to the streets to demand their Government takes action. So how will the fashion world respond?

Last summer, albert hosted an event for those working in the costume industry who are facing the same challenge: how do we makes changes to an industry which lacks transparency and is inherently wasteful.

It might not be the easiest problem to solve but there are steps that we can take to start making a difference and there’s plenty of costume designers, buyers and designers out there who are bringing positive changes to their Film and TV productions.

You can find out and take action by taking a look at our Costume Directory

Work in costume and want to get involved? Start today by committing to this 7 point pledge:

1.    Look for ways to repurpose clothing, fabrics and office supplies at the end of a shoot in a more meaningful way.

2.    Insist on proper recycling facilities, regardless of location.

3.    On modern jobs, commit to buying as much second hand and charity shop clothing as possible before hitting the high street

4.    Use filters to stop synthetic microfibres entering the water stream, every time you wash clothes

5.    Always opt for certified FairTrade and Organic fabrics

6.    Choose naturally dyed materials

7.    And finally – keep asking questions – ask your suppliers where their fabric comes from. Ask your costume house what it’s doing to reduce its impact. Ask your line manager what the production is doing to reduce its footprint. The power lies with the people keeping the industry going so use it to your advantage for the good of the planet