Posted on 30th August 2019

Extinction Rebellion Targets TV and Film

Today, Extinction Rebellion are due to protest at key film industry locations. Why? Well maybe they need our help.

Few industries’ efforts to reduce their impact on the environment go as far as the science tells us they must, and that includes the film industry. Potentially more importantly though, few people know this fact and that has grave consequences for us all. For unless we understand the beast we are tackling, it will surely win.

The actions planned for today represent a rare and exciting moment for the industry, an opportunity to realise our responsibility. Of course we must reduce our impact inline with science-based targets, but we have a more exciting opportunity too, to communicate to our audiences. To ensure that everyone understands that if we, or any other major industry fail in our efforts, we are toast.

We can all recognise that while the environment has been on the film industry’s agenda for a number of years, we have yet to mount our greatest response. Surely now is the time for the great many sustainability experts within the industry to speak with one voice about the changes necessary. We hope now is also the time for the decision makers to listen. For we are in grave peril and we need some superheroes – and we’ve got more of them than most.

No one can deny the film industry’s opportunity to make the world of difference, and that is exactly what is required. We’re here to help any film organisation or individual who wishes to act on the exciting opportunity before us.

For insight on inspiring your audiences about their role in the climate crisis, go to Planet Placement.