Posted on 4th September 2019

Zero’s Sustainability Story

Zero is a dark comedy about a zero waste serial killer. From the very story concept to the last detail of production, Zero took sustainable filmmaking to another level by approaching every decision through a sustainability lens.

Zero waste concepts and consideration of social and environmental impacts were intricately and creatively woven into every step of the production from the script, to budget, through to production and post-production. Sustainability Producer and Writer, Alyssa Kostello, thought up this story several years ago as a Theatre student.
Additionally, from the script, to set dec, to props, to hair and makeup, sustainability could consistently be seen on screen.
Alyssa Kostello, who wrote the script, also served as the “Sustainability Producer” of the film. As Kostello explained, the role of the Sustainability Producer was to research sustainable options for products and service and facilitate all sustainability efforts. Kostello reached out to the Reel Green’s On Set Production Support Program, which provides up to 10 hours of free consultation with a show on how to strategize and implement sustainable practices for a production.
Kostello also hired Green Spark Group to collect data and write a sustainability report to so that they could assess their performance. The production obtained funding through the VanCity Enviro Fund for lighter living, which supports projects that promote sustainable consumption and production practices within local communities.

Zero’s strategy and commitment to reduce consumption by hiring as few cast and crew as possible, reducing single use and disposable materials throughout all departments, sourcing second hand, reusable and sustainably made products, and reducing paper through the use of innovative digital apps served as a model for how sustainability can effectively cut costs when writing the budget.

This case study was adapted from Creative BC, an albert International partner, who promote a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of British Columbia’s creative industries,  find out more at

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