Posted on 1st December 2019

Driving on screen creativity

Can a changing climate drive on screen creativity? And accelerate positive action? 

Jeremy Clarkson has recently revealed he’s further along the climate journey than some expected. He acknowledged that a changing climate limited the execution of a creative vision that the Grand Tour team had for a trip down the Mekong. But where does he go next? Will he wade on through the mud and carry on anyway, or meaningfully engage?

We’re yet to see whether the climate induced mud-wading session will make it into the cut, but surely it should. For if it doesn’t, the team will be risking authenticity; presenting a vision of the world that no-longer exists. This conundrum is something any creative, passionate about authenticity, must consider urgently.

We know we’re heading towards a future that is looking very different from the world we currently enjoy. If we grasp this challenge, warts and all, we can use it as a tool to drive creative excellence while encouraging positive planetary behaviour. Ignore it, and the lonely stubborn path forward is surely a creative dead end… for Clarkson, and for audience authenticity.

So telly people, will we let late-to-the-party talent take the driving seat? Or can we grasp this challenge it and steer it in a better direction…