Posted on 13th December 2019

Sending out a Green Memo

You’ve had the green light. Your budget is set. And your team is in place. Everyone is raring to go, so this is the perfect time to send out your green memo, laying out the sustainability intentions for your production.

It’s important to communicate with your whole team, right at the start of the production in order to make sure everyone is ready to do their bit to lower the carbon footprint of the production and – more importantly – understands what they can do.

Ask for someone from the senior leadership team to send out the memo, so it’s clear that this is a directive that’s coming from the top. And remember, it’s a team effort so invite everyone in the production to contribute their ‘green’ ideas and make sure these are circulated to the group. Oh – and a few incentives for those who really go the extra (carbon neutral) mile – always go down well too!

With huge thanks to Icon Film, Mammoth Screen, Hungry Gap Productions and Vico Films for allowing us to share their Green Memos with you.


Icon Films - Green Memo for Motion on Larkin

Mammoth Screen - Green Memo for Poldark

Vico Films - Green Memo for The Young Offenders

Hungry Gap Productions - Green Memo for Curiosity