Posted on 24th January 2020

A Global Carbon Calculator is coming!

We've joined forces with Fremantle to build the first global calculator for the production industries

Our Calculator's going global

We’re partnering with Fremantle to develop our carbon calculator for the global production community. This incredibly exciting partnership will allow production companies across to world to join the UK, and existing international partners, to accurately track their carbon emissions.

albert originally launched its bespoke carbon calculator for the production community in 2011 and since then over 900 production companies have tracked their carbon emissions. This has allowed albert to build up a picture of the impact that the production community has on the environment and, more importantly, offer advice on how to reduce it.

By partnering with Fremantle to create a global calculator, albert will be able to track the impact of our industry at scale and more importantly, share best practice as we transition towards a zero carbon future.

A number of Fremantle companies are already working with albert to track their carbon footprint and have been awarded albert certification in recognition of the steps they’ve taken to reduce their environmental impact:

Keith Lemon, Coming to America -Talkback
Keith Lemon, Coming to America -Talkback
The Apprentice - Boundless
The Apprentice - Boundless
Ultimate Worrier - Talkback
Ultimate Worrier - Talkback
Grand Designs - Boundless
Grand Designs - Boundless

“This is a fantastic partnership for albert that allows us to take our project to a global audience and help production companies around the world to join us in our sustainability efforts. We look forward to working with Fremantle and supporting them as they champion sustainability across their business.”

— Kevin Price, BAFTA, COO and Chair of the albert Consortium

Who can use the Calculator?

As with all albert tools, our international calculator will be available for all production companies to use.

When will the Calculator launch?

We are building the calculator now and will launch it in early 2021.

Where can I register interest?

If you’re interested in using the calculator follwoing launch then email

Can I use the UK calculator?

Carbon Factors differ from country to country so our current calculator can’t accurately track the impact of a production that is produced elsewhere.

13.5 Tonnes

The amount of carbon produced/hour of television

Whats our impact now?

By tracking our industry’s emissions over the past 9 years, we have been able to build up a picture of our impact on the environment.

albert offers production companies as suite of tools and resources so they can reduce their impact.

Read more about the partnership with Fremantle