Posted on 18th June 2020

Net Zero and the Economics of Broadcasting – Does it add up?

On Wed 17 June, we brought together leading experts to discuss the risks and opportunities facing the television and broadcasting industry as we start our journey to net-zero

The 2019 amendments to the Climate Change Act, to legislate for net-zero emissions by 2050, will require every sector to make significant change. Britain is the first country to adopt this target, and policy makers will be turning their attention to each industry in turn and asking what they will do to achieve the statutory target.

For the TV industry, this will mean adapting our systems, processes and strategies. But strengthening our industry to withstand the economic risks of climate change is no easy ask, particularly when a pandemic shows up – raising the likelihood of another recession.

Despite the gloomy economic forecast – is there hope and opportunity to be found in our future? As we emerge from the global lockdown – do we have the opportunity to build back better?

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Speakers Include:

Tricia Duffy – Strategic Advisor, albert (Moderator)
Richard Carmichael – Research Associate, Imperial College
Ciara Kalmus – Economic Director, Ofcom
Katherine Lampen – Partner, Deloitte – Sustainability and Climate Change Lead

Introduced by Dr Laurence Sargent from Sargent-Disc, and featuring insights from Sir Peter Bazalgette.

TLDR? Watch the individual videos below...

Sir Peter Bazalgette on the role broadcasters can play in tackling the climate crisis

Katherine Lampen discusses how the climate crisis will impact the broadcasting business

Ciara Kalmus from Ofcom discusses the role of PSB's in combatting climate change

Dr Richard Carmichael discusses Net Zero and Societal Change: a role for broadcasting

With thanks to our event partners whose generosity keeps our events free to all

With thanks to our event partners whose generosity keeps our events free to all