Posted on 17th July 2020

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Cutting carbon with renewable energy

Producing just 1 hour of television in the UK creates 13 tonnes of carbon emissions.

And around 60% of this comes from electricity. The lights, the cameras, the audio, and the hours upon hours of editing: it’s easy to see how it all adds up.

Albert’s partnership with Good Energy through the Creative Energy Project is all about changing this. You can’t get away from using lights, cameras, microphones and computers. But you can power them with the sun, wind and rain.

Where does Good Energy’s power come from?

Good Energy buys its electricity directly from over 1600 renewable generators all over the UK.

With every company that joins the Creative Energy Project, Good Energy has to source more clean power to match their use – boosting the market for renewables and making the UK’s whole electricity network cleaner and greener. Every one of these generators has a story to tell about what generating clean energy means to them.

One of these generators is Richard Martin, who owns a farm in Cumbia, and operates a 330kW wind turbine to boost his income and to help decarbonise his business.

It’s great to hear that so many TV and film companies are now powered by renewable energy.” Said Richard.


The number of companies who've joined our Creative Energy project - saving 3328 tonnes of carbon every year.

Another of these generators is Simon Tilley, who operates a wind turbine and solar panels from his sustainable housing business in Nottinghamshire. Last year, he generated enough clean electricity to match the usage of Band Studios, a long-standing member of the Creative Energy Project, nearly 10 times over.

It’s fantastic news that the wind and sun energy from Sustainable Hockerton is now contributing to award winning films and TV programmes – inspiring times when companies like these are using renewable energy – every business in the country should be following their lead!” he said.

So far, 38 creatives have switched to Good Energy through the Creative Energy project. That’s 16GWh of electricity now being powered by renewables – saving 3328 tonnes of carbon every year.

“As creators, we have a tremendous responsibility to our planet and our audience, to reassess the way we work. The Creative Energy Project is a great step in that direction.”

— Tom Martin, Creative Director of Band Studios.

What’s the benefit of the Creative Energy Project?

Members that switch to renewable power through the Creative Energy Project don’t just save carbon, they might also save money.

“One of the main benefits to companies of joining the Project is that we source the energy all together which brings the price down. There’s a financial incentive for companies to make the switch as well as the fact that they are tackling one of the largest parts of their footprint head on.” Explains Aaron Matthews, Head of Industry Sustainability at albert.

“On top of that, you are supporting a community of renewable generators and making a genuine difference in the fight against climate change. It really is a win-win”

Switching to renewables is one of the easiest ways a business can reduce its carbon emissions.

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