Posted on 10th February 2021

Getting Started with the albert Toolkit

Need a hand getting your head around our new toolkit? Look no further than this page...

What is the albert toolkit?

Our toolkit comprises of a calculator and carbon action plan. The calculator allows you to work out the carbon footprint of your production.

For some broadcasters, using the albert calculator is a compulsory step in the production process.

For those who want to take things a bit further, we offer a carbon action plan. This isn’t mandatory but it’s fantastic for those who are taking steps to reduce their footprint and want recognition for this on their
productions end credits.

Using the toolkit for the first time? The video below will show you how to log in!

An in-depth walkthrough video is available at the bottom of the page

Creating your draft footprint

During pre-production, once you’ve created a new production on the system you will need to complete a draft footprint.

Here you’ll need to input an initial estimate of your usage for all the relevant sections of the calculator, if you’re not sure where to start with this, you can use your budget as a starting point.

This will give you a breakdown of where your main emissions are likely to come from so you can be strategic about where you can make reductions, you can download this breakdown to share with your teams/crew.

It’s also important to fill out a draft footprint so you know what you’ll be asked when it comes to filling out your actual footprint and don’t get caught out with missing data.

If you want to compare your draft footprint with your final you will have to download it before you start finalising your footprint.

Start your carbon action plan

If you choose to complete a carbon action plan you will also need to set this up at the same time as your draft footprint.

The first step is to answer a list of questions about the actions you’re taking on your production.

We will then request evidence based on some of the actions you have said you’re taking, which can be uploaded at a later date.

Finishing up...

Completing your final footprint

Now you’ve filled out your draft footprint, completing your final footprint at the end of production will be a piece of cake!

You can go through each entry and amend it to show the actual amount that you used.

Don’t forget to include anything extra that was not accounted for originally.

Once submitted your final footprint will be audited by the albert team, which can take up to 10 working days.

Finalising your carbon action plan

If you are completing a carbon action plan you will now need to upload your evidence.

This should be invoices/contracts/call sheets etc. that show you have taken the actions shown in the questionnaire.

Once the albert team has approved this you will be able to download a logo for your end board.

Productions need to renew their carbon action plan every series, for continuing programmes this should be done every year.

Reporting your carbon activity

Time for some healthy competition!

You’ll now be able to download your carbon footprint report and compare it with industry averages and others in your production company.

Offsetting your emissions

Thinking about offsetting your footprint?

We need to be carbon neutral by 2050 so it’s important that after reducing your footprint as much as possible we also account for the unavoidable emissions we produce.

We’ve made this easy for you with our offsetting scheme so you will be given the option to offset all or part of your carbon footprint with a couple of clicks.

Our handy estimator below will help you get an idea of how much it can cost to offset your production.

Estimate your production's offset cost

If you don’t have a footprint from a previous series, then use our estimator to work out how much it might cost to offset the remainder of your production. The cost to offset is 10.50/tonne and this slider has been updated to reflect 2023 averages.

For further help, get in touch with us.