Posted on 21st June 2021

Bespoke Company Carbon Footprints

Our team can help you calculate the carbon footprint of your business - so you know what your impact is, and where to take action to reduce.

A carbon footprint is a way of expressing, quantifying, comparing and contextualising all business activity that has a negative impact on our climate and how to reduce it.

Upon request, albert can generate a carbon footprint report for your company.

Why would I want to do this?”  Well, we’re glad you asked!

By measuring your footprint, you’re taking the first step toward reducing your impact. By looking at all your activities together you’re able to see which of your activities have the biggest impact and can then take a methodical approach to making positive changes. This can aid your company’s net zero and carbon neutrality targets.

A carbon footprint measurement allows you to see the bigger picture and make changes to the things that matter most.

All we need from you is a variety of data points including things such as utility usage and suppliers, working from home practices and material use, to name a few.

The cost of a company footprint report is £1000.

Please note that this service is only available for UK based companies within the screen industries.

Interested? Drop us an email at to discuss further.

Want to see what your report will include? Download an example report here