Posted on 16th September 2021

Carry the Ball – Can sports broadcasting help slow the climate crisis? EVENT RECAP

Read on to see the recording of our event where we discussed the role of the sports broadcasting world in the fight against climate change.

At its peak, a global sporting event can reach half the world’s population – the power and opportunity to bring conversations about the climate into the punditry is huge and as yet, largely untapped.

But how do you reach out to people ‘just trying to enjoy the game’ without alienating them. How do you empower presenters to feel confident to bring climate into their scripts, how do you make it authentic and leave your audience feeling empowered and not alienated?

Watch our event in full where key presenters and experts in Sport Broadcasting discussed the challenge at hand, what’s being done already and where the opportunities are for more.


Hazel Irvine – Sports Presenter (Moderator)

David Garrido Presenter, Sky Sports

David Goldblatt – Sports writer, Broadcaster, Sociologist, Journalist and Author

Caroline De Moraes – Presenter, Reporter

Fergus Garber – Director of Production,  BT Sport

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