Posted on 3rd May 2023

We’ve awarded the first year of Studio Sustainability Standard badges

We've awarded 12 studios with the first year of the Studio Sustainability Standard badges in recognition of their commitment to sustainability.

A significant milestone has been achieved in the journey towards a more sustainable film and TV industry as we are awarding the first-ever round of Studio Sustainability Standard logos to twelve participating studios.

In this first year, five studios were awarded with the rating of “Very Good”, the highest grade in this cohort. But more significant than the rating is the fact that 12 leading studios committed to measuring and reducing their environmental impacts.

Committing to year-on-year improvements to sustainability is vital for the industry at large to reach its environmental requirements.

The Standard recognises the significant role that studios have to play in the industry’s transition to a zero carbon, zero waste industry.

Congratulations to all the studios who have participated in the first year of the Studio Sustainability Standard. You are part of an elite group of 12 studios demonstrating your commitment to tackling the climate emergency by getting to Net Zero as quickly as possible. It’s been inspiring to see so many initiatives already under way to help make the screen sector a zero carbon, zero waste industry. At albert, we look forward to supporting you on your net zero journey’s and we hope other studios will see the value of joint the standard this year.

— Steve Smith, Project Lead for the Studio Sustainability Standard

An industry report, assessing the aggregated data from the participating studios will be shared with the industry in June, to share best practice and advice on how to be more sustainable. The second year of the Studio Sustainability Standard will opening shortly.

If you would like your studio to take part, please email Steve Smith at

Find out more about the Studio Sustainability Standard here.

The expertise and quality of UK studios make them among the most in-demand in the world. Now, as participants in the albert Studio Sustainability Standard, they're on a path to being the most sustainable in the world too. The release of the new Studio Sustainability Standard ratings badges will allow studios to show off the progress they've already made and benchmark the progress yet to come. And productions will know where to go to get support for their own sustainability missions.

— Carys Taylor, Director of BAFTA albert