Our commissioning directorate  supports the development and implementation of albert’s strategy and industry wide objectives.

Our current directorate members are BBC, ITV, C4, Sky, Netflix and BT Sport.


Aimed at smaller broadcasters and production groups, the consortium supports the creation of albert’s strategic projects, tools and initiatives. Consortium membership offers organisations an opportunity to join a supportive community to share, learn and act for a sustainable industry future.

Consortium logos are displayed in the banner at the end of this page.

Sports Consortium

The Sports Consortium, is made up of the main sport broadcasters and sport producing federations.

Their goals align with the main consortium but with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by sports broadcasting community.

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News Consortium

The News Consortium launched in Jan 2021 with an aim to bring together the news production community.

Working alongside our other groups, the news consortium will focus on the climate issues specifically related to news production.

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Our ambassadors are  colleagues creating green waves across the industry. They are talking the talk, walking the walk, and having fun while they are at it.

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International Partners

Our international partners are a community of global organisations working with us to bring about change to their screen industry

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Our 50 affiliates are an army of production companies driving positive environmental action. Affiliation offers companies greater access to support in return for supporting albert’s aims.

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Planet saving is a team sport.