TV Industry Steering Group

Our TV Industry Steering Group supports the development and implementation of BAFTA albert’s strategy and industry wide objectives.

Our current members are BBC Public Service, BBC Studios/UKTV, ITV, C4, Netflix, Amazon Studios, Sky, Warner Bros Discovery, Pact, Viacom (Channel 5) and BAFTA.

We will also be introducing expert task forces to help drive albert’s work forward.


Aimed at smaller broadcasters and production groups, the consortium supports the creation of albert’s strategic projects, tools and initiatives. Consortium membership offers organisations an opportunity to join a supportive community to share, learn and act for a sustainable industry future.

Consortium logos are displayed in the banner at the end of this page.


Our affiliates are an army of production companies driving positive environmental action. Affiliation offers companies greater access to support in return for supporting albert’s aims.

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Education Partnership

The BAFTA albert Education Partnership offers a theory and hands-on module for higher education institutions to empower their students with the vital knowledge about sustainability in the screen industries.

With exclusive access to a student toolkit, real case studies, and overflowing opportunities to celebrate and promote their students, our Education Partners are at the forefront of industry sustainability and employability.

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Planet saving is a team sport.