CAMA AssetStore

CAMA is a 100-year-old independent company that leads the way in secure state-of-the-art storage and sustainable asset management for film & TV.
One of any production’s major barriers to sustainability is the disposal of props, costumes and sets. CAMA digitally itemises every single thing they store on AssetFlow: their secure online client portal. This doesn’t just make it easy for time-strapped crew to manage and access exactly what they need when shooting. With CAMA’s wide network of contacts looking to buy, rent, or reuse, productions can then monetise their assets, or share and donate them, when they’ve wrapped. It’s a hassle-free way for everyone to get the most from their budget, while keeping valuable assets in useful circulation and away from landfill.
Using their carbon calculator, CAMA can also analyse a production’s carbon footprint, comparing the emissions produced by recycling versus sending to landfill, repurposing or sharing materials from CAMA AssetStore’s warehouses. It’s a great way to instantly see the real impact of adopting more sustainable practices.

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Film London: The Fuel Project

Film London has launched The Fuel Project, a report funded by Interreg Europe’s Green Screen and delivered by Film London, in partnership with sustainable business consultants Creative Zero. The report provides practical information, steps and support to film and TV production suppliers as they make the move toward new, low-carbon technologies, helping drive down emissions in the industry as a whole.

The industry’s current contribution to greenhouse gases and air pollution is dominated by fuel consumption: 50% of a production’s carbon footprint, as well as air pollution, comes from fuel use across land transport and mobile power services.

Recognising this is where the greatest action can be made, the report provides production supply companies in London and Europe with solutions and proposes technologies that will bring down our industry’s collective emissions. It particularly aims to support SME companies who may not otherwise have easy access to corporate sustainability advice and resources.

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Green Voltage

Created specifically to address the demand for environmentally conscious power within the film, television, broadcast and event industries, Green Voltage provides easy access to clean, reliable, silent power.

Completely emission free, the Green Voltage e-generator range include a number of highly capable power units in a selection of sizes, from the ultra-convenient 2kW and 5kW right up to the impressive 20k – 60/80/100kW variants.

With a proven track record powering productions of all size and genre, our fleet is perfectly suited to handling all manner of applications within the lighting, electrical and camera departments.

A true alternative to traditional portable generators, Green Voltage e-generators are quite simply the most robust, reliable, battery power stations available today

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MPB is the online platform to buy, sell and trade in used photo and video kit. Trusted by more than 250,000 visual storytellers around the world, we are committed to making kit more accessible and affordable. Every year, we recirculate more than 350,000 cameras and lenses, extending the life and creative potential of visual storytelling kit.

Our business model—buying, selling and trading used kit—is 100% circular. And, through our choice of packaging, furniture and equipment, we are applying circular principles in our operations. As of 2022, more than 50% of the electricity we use is renewable—and we aim to reach 100% by 2025. Our goal is to reach net zero carbon for our buildings by 2025, for our data centres by 2030 and for our courier services by 2035.

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Vectar Sets represents the future of film and television set builds. Our unique, 100% paper-based Vectar Board offers up to 95% lower carbon impact than conventional materials. Sets built with Vectar Board have the same intrinsic strength but are 90% lighter and 100% recyclable, ensuring significant cost and logistics benefits. Sustainability credentials:

  • Concrete sustainability on set
  • VECTAR board set results in 30kg CO2 eq whereas a comparable wooden set produced around 730 kg CO2 eq
  • Calculations are based on “cradle to gate” figures, i.e.: the impact of manufacturing those materials
  • Full sustainability data is available for your reports reflections of the day.

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