General Biodiversity Resources

BBC’s Topic Guide on Biodiversity

Discover comprehensive information on biodiversity with the BBC’s environmental sustainability topic guide. This resource provides an in-depth look at various aspects of biodiversity and its significance. Explore the guide.

Biodiversity & Production

Overview Tutorial on Biodiversity and Production

Learn about the intricate relationship between biodiversity and production processes with this insightful tutorial. It covers the impact of production on biodiversity and offers strategies to mitigate negative effects. Watch the tutorial.

Biodiversity and the Law

UK Laws & Regulations

Understanding the legal framework that protects biodiversity in the UK is crucial for compliance and conservation efforts. Key regulations include:

  • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981: This act protects wild birds from disturbance during nesting. Read the legislation.
  • Waste Legislation in England & Wales: Learn about regulations governing waste management and recycling. Explore the guidelines.
  • Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (E&W): Protects habitats and species in England and Wales. View the regulations.
  • Habitats Regulations (Scotland): Regulations specific to Scotland’s conservation efforts. Read more.

Use DEFRA’s Magic Map to check if your filming locations are home to protected species. Access the Magic Map.

Find out if you need a license to film specific birds or animals in the UK and learn how to obtain it. Get licensing information.

Planning – Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

BNG is a statutory requirement in England that affects land managers, developers, and local planning authorities.

  • Government Guidance on BNG: Understand how BNG impacts planning and development. Read the guidance.
  • Simple Guide to BNG by Natural England: Watch an informative video explaining BNG. Watch the video.

Landowner Requirements

Some landowners, particularly public bodies and heritage organizations, have specific restrictions and requirements for filming permissions. Key organizations include:

  • Crown Estate
  • National Trust
  • Other heritage organizations

Business & Biodiversity

General Information

Engage with biodiversity conservation through various initiatives and resources.

  • Save Our Wild Isles Films for Business: Watch films that highlight the importance of biodiversity for businesses. Watch the films.
  • Nature’s Workforce: Learn about efforts to integrate biodiversity into business practices. Visit the website.

Measuring Your Biodiversity Impacts

Assessing and reporting on biodiversity impacts is essential for sustainable business practices.

  • Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures: Framework for assessing biodiversity impacts. Learn more.
  • Science Based Targets Network: Learn about setting biodiversity impact targets. Explore the network.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Show your dedication to biodiversity by signing up for global initiatives.

  • UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity Action Agenda: Commit to biodiversity conservation at an international level. Sign up here.

Your Supply Chain

Incorporate biodiversity considerations into your supply chain with these resources:

  • Albert’s Template Procurement Policy: Includes biodiversity criteria for suppliers. View the template.
  • Sustainable Costumes Directory: Find suppliers prioritizing sustainable costumes. Explore the directory.
  • Planetary Health Diet: Learn about sustainable dietary practices. Read about the diet.

The State of Biodiversity

Stay informed about the current state of biodiversity with these editorial resources:

  • IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Comprehensive database of threatened species worldwide. Visit the Red List.
  • UK’s State of Nature Report: Detailed report on the status of biodiversity in the UK. Read the report.
  • WWF’s Living Planet Report: Global report on biodiversity health and trends. View the report.