Earth Calling…DIY SOS: The Big Build

Nick Knowles and his team are no strangers to bringing communities together to create positive change. Each episode, a deserving family find themselves at the centre of a huge DIY project, with local craftsmen and volunteers working together to transform their home so that it’s fit for them to live in.

So imagine now if this same show brought a community together to create ‘Britain’s most eco friendly street’ creating a better living environment for everyone living there. What would it look like? Electric charging points installed for the cars of the future? A dedicated area for bike storage? Low energy street lights controlled by the streets own solar panel? Air purifying trees and bushes lining the road?

And what about inside? Proper insulation for every home, low energy lightbulbs, solar panels fitted to roofs, 100% renewable energy for each homeowner and a community outside space for residents to grow their own food and spend time together.


Sounds like the sort of space we’d all like to live in… so what do you say Nick Knowles? Up for the challenge? Want to see DIY SOS: The Big Build take on the biggest challenge yet and help to save the planet? We’d love to hear your views.